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skippered charters Greece

Embark on Unforgettable Greek Sailing Charters with Greek Water Yachts

2024-01-14T20:23:27+03:00January 14th, 2024|skippered charters Greece|

Dreaming of an enchanting escape to the Cyclades, where azure waters meet ancient charm? Look no further than Greek Water Yachts, your passport to bespoke sailing charters in the heart of the Aegean Sea. Whether you crave the thrill of sailing on a monohull or [...]

Sailing Greek islands charter

2023-12-28T11:55:10+03:00December 28th, 2023|skippered charters Greece|

Sailing the Cyclades: Discovering Hidden Gems with Our Skippered Cruises The Cyclades, a collection of idyllic islands scattered across the azure canvas of the Aegean Sea, beckon with their timeless allure. Nestled within this archipelago, the Small Cyclades stand as a well-kept secret, offering [...]

Greek Island Charter Cruises with skipper

2022-06-26T08:14:11+03:00May 27th, 2022|sailing greece tips, skippered charters Greece|

Vacationing on a yacht has long been associated with luxury, wealth, and power. But in the past decade, the price of such holidays has dropped significantly. You will enjoy a sybaritic experience at a normal price Greek archipelago is an attractive playground for no [...]

Simple Guidance For You In Private Sailing Tour Greece

2021-05-15T12:12:14+03:00May 15th, 2021|sailing greece tips, skippered charters Greece|

One of the most significant advantages that a sailing trip by a rental boat offers is the opportunity to visit many different islands in one sailing tour. Island hopping is easy on a sailing trip around the Cycladic island complex.  A sailing tour through the [...]

10 things that a sailing experience in Greece means

2021-04-07T21:07:20+03:00April 3rd, 2021|sailing greece tips, sailing vacation tips, skippered charters Greece|

Vacation is the most precious period of the year, a special undergo that we need to make sure that will worth.  Real vacation means new, unforgettable experiences for you and your family or your company. Sailing is a perfect choice for this feel. 10 [...]