7-day Sailing the Argosaronikos Islands

Greek Water Yachts trying to respond to requests for boat trips to Greek islands from Athens, launches for 2020 a partnership involving a Lagoon42 catamaran.

Discover the most popular sailing destinations in the Argosaronikos: famous beaches and beautiful islands reveal their secrets.

Full with green trees on their hills, down to the sea level the Argosaronicos islands and towns are a great sailing destination.

You will spend one week sailing close to Athens, in places such as Poros, Hydra, Nafplio, Spestes, with beautiful harbors for anchorage for your catamaran sailboat. These destinations offer the ideal landscape for easy going vacations.

  • sailing in Argosaronikos means beautifull towns and beautiful villages in unique environment

  • the sailing legs are not very long, ideal for the beginners or for sailing holidays in Greece for families, leaving you plenty of time to enjoy your sailing cruise, swimming and relaxing under the summer sun.

  • the early arrivals at the islands give you the opportunity to walk or drive around in order to explore the unique scenery.





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Map for Your Sailing Vacations in the Ionian Islands

Route info

Day 1

Before we start our cruising trip every one of the guidelines will be given concerning the boat, the authoritative documents, and your wellbeing during the cruising voyage. After this short preparation, your captain will explain to you your choices dependent on climate conditions.
We start our trip first for Poros island. It is an exciting sail trip next to the coastline of Athens and Piraeus. Poros is a cute island with extremely natural attraction. It is known for it’s romantic atmosphere, but simultaneously it is ideal for families with kids .Everyone in Poros will be charmed by the landscape and the natural environment of the island. Do not miss the opportunity to walk through the lemon trees in the woodland close by Galatea. Also, for the night life you will find many bars on the facade of the sea shore if you choose to go out for a drink or enjoy your wine on the deck of your boat.

Day 2

From Poros we set out toward Spetses island, It is called Spetses of the Italian word “spezzie” which means fragrance. The flavors of pine and the summer breeze make a unique setting. Spetses island has a cozy harbor, easy for anchoring.
Meet the island and admire the majestic maisons which are the hallmark of the island.. Every September takes place in Spetses an event called “Armata”, it is a re-enactment of a naval battle that happened back in 1931.

Day 3

After Spetses we sail to Nafplio town. It is a short sail trip.
Nafplio is a small city where dominates the Venetian color and atmosphere. This color is recognizable in the architecture and the art of the town. All history of this place is printed in the buildings and in the manners of the people even in the language where you will find traces from Italians, Europeans and Ottomans.
Nafplio ia a vivid city with many visitors. Do not forget to visit Palamidi post and the Bourtzi island. 

Day 4

On the fourth day we will sail with final destination the island of Hydra. During this sail trip we will enjoy the coast of Argolic inlet .
Hydra is hosted over a wind protected harbor. It is known since the decade of sixties as an island with cosmopolitan life and an artistic atmosphere. This is the reason why famous artists like Leonard Cohen, Henry Miller, Allen Ginsberg, Peter Nolan and many other have lived and created in Hydra. It has been also the set place significant movies like “The boy on a dolphin” and “Fedra”.
Hydra is a unique island with cobblestone alleys and beautiful houses with unhidden view to the sea. Hydra is a peaceful place. You will discover the island by boat or by walking since vehicles are not allowed in the village lanes. There are many and legendary bars and cafes which offer every kind of amusement.
Day 5
The fifth day has just come. We proceed with our sail in the Greek isles towards Epidaurous
Epidaurous is an extremely interesting place. It is a small, exedcutive town because it has been the centre of the theatre of the ancient Greece. This happened because in Epidaurous was and still is the most important ancient theatre., an open theatre with the best acoustic of every other. Nowadays in this theatre take place every year significant performances. You can discover the Epidavrous celebration plan following by clicking here .Also,the Asclepieion at Epidaurus was the most celebrated healing center of the Classical world
The visitors of Epidavros can taste fresh fish and local wine in picturesque taverns.

Day 6
For our next bounce from Epidaurous to Aegina it will take just 2 – 3 hours sailing.
Aegina is a standard sailing destination in the Saronic Gulf thanks to the well protected harbor. It is a modern island ideal for swimming in famous beaches, good food and night life. There are also many shops for every taste and any kind of need. Except these, Aegina offers and isolated beaches and archaeological sites like the Temple of Aphaia, and Kolona.

Day 7
Our 7 days cruising visit is arriving at an end. Before check out take a sunbath on your sail boat, make some more dives drink a beverage and get ready for the last supper under the stars and the moon.

Meet the Islands

Aegina in a few words :

Aegina has been the first capital of Creece.
The island derives it name from the mythical hero Aeacus who was born there. The island is also known for a special kind of peanut that grows
there and is called Aeginis nut. It is a place where many artists and intellectuals love to live.

Aegina is an island that will certainly attract all kind of visitors. It has an extraordinary beauty with a romantic atmosphere that seems to belong to another time, picturesque villages and significant archeological sites. Ιin the mainland a great pine forest is ideal for hicking after swimming.

Location : Aegina is situated in the centre of the Saronic Gulf. The island
is near to Agistri, Poros and the coastline of Athens.

See :

  • Archeological Museum
  • Aphea Athena Temple
  • Governor’s Kapodistrias residence
  • Christos Kapralos museum
  • Markellos Tower

Do :

  • Walk around the town and admire the perfect preserved buildings which will travel you back in time and history in the 19 th century when Aegina was in it’s heyday.
  • Visit the small tradition villages, like Kypseli, Vagia, Agia where you will find wonderful beaches.
  • Sail and visit small islands around Aegina like Moni, Metopi,Diaportia, Lagouses, Kyra, Dorousa, Spalathonisi, Anonyma which are approachable only by boat.
  • Visit Paleochora, an area that represents Aegina during Byzantine times. The village is full of churches, many of them with fantastic wall paintings. There is also a medieval castle and two exceptional monasties.

Eat –Drink :

  • Sea food , taste Catsules a fish from the Saronic Gulf , yogurt with local honey and peanut from the island (fistiki)
  • Local sweets like ravani and galaktomboureko a sweet made with layers and a milk cream and local peanuts (fistiki)

Poros in a few words :

Poros is a small island consisted of two island : Spairia and Kalavria. It is a place with rich flora and fauna. Ancient Greeks believed that Poros was the place where Poseidon,the god of the sea, used to live. The island combines hills and sandy beaches with many touristic amenities. Henry Miller wrote about Poros in his book “The Colossus of Maroussi”

Location : it is located in the southern part of the Saronic Gulf. Poros is next to Aegina, Agistri and Athens.

See :

  • The clock tower in the town of Poros
  • The archeological museum
  • The sanctuary of Poseidon, which follows the Doric order,is the place where the orator Demosthenes died.
  • Bourtzi castle
  • Poros Shell museum, a permanent exhibition of Greek shells.
  • The holy monastery of Zoodochos Pigi

Do :

  • Discover the town of Poros an amphitheatrically built town with outstanding houses and building from the 19 th century.
  • Feel the vintage fragment of the city.
  • Visit Vagionia Bay , a beach with sand, pebbles and pines.
  • Swim in Love bay or in Askeli beach two marvelous organized beach with crystal waters , eucalyptus trees and a vivid atmosphere ideal for young or young at heart visitors.
  • Do water sports
  • Visit Megalo Neorio, an option for those who are looking for peaceful not crowded beaches.
  • Walk among lemon trees in the lemon tree forest in the countryside near Galatas port. A fantastic experience that will wake all your senses and will be fresh and alive in your memory for years.

Eat –drink :

  • Fresh fish, desserts and drinks with lemon flavor. There are many taverns, restaurants and bars that serve delicious Greek plates with sea view or next to the sea. If you wish have your drink under the stars on your boat deck.

Hydra in a few words : a wonderful, cosmopolitan island where there are no cars. An island with ecological conscious decades before
ecology becomes a modern attitude. Hydra preserved its special color and its distinctive atmosphere with the quaint houses and the cobblestoned alleys because of this prohibition of vehicles.

Hydra has been the place where great artists choose to live and create at 60’s . it has been also the set for significant movies like “The boy and the
Location : Hydra belongs to the Saronic Gulf complex of islands, it is situated between Myrotoan Sea and the Argolic Gulf.
See :

  • Majestic stone mansions owned by important families mostly ship-owners like Kriezis, Kountouriotis …
  • Historical archive-Museum
  • Byzantine Museum: Hosted in the old Monastery of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary
  • The  National Historical Museum
  • Museum of Post-Byzantine Art and History of Hydra
  • The Periptero kiosk a stop to see the view of the canons and see the sunset.
  • Visit Spilia cave
  • Visit the Monastery of Profet Ilias, enjoy the panoramic view of Hydra
    Do :
  • Visit the frilled beaches of the island : Spilia, Idroneta, Avlaki, Kamini. Ideal beaches for dives from the rocks, with pebbles and transparent waters.
  • Visit Mandaraki beach, the only beach of the island with sand. A cosmopolitan well organized beach.
  • Go for hiking the landscape offers an interesting variety of natural beauty. All hiking routes are signed.
  • Snorkeling and diving under the guides of Hydra’s Diving centre people discover the underwater world of the Aegean Sea.

Eat –drink :

  • Taste local flavors made by experts who know how to combine fresh products from the island with an international touch, a combination that in fact reveals the essence of Hydra.
  • Enjoy the romantic, bohemian night life and feel that sense than has made the island famous among artists and writers like Leonard Cohen, Henry Miller, Alan Ginsberg and many others.

Spetses in a few words : Spetses island, origins it’s name from the Italian word “spezzie” which means fragrance. The flavors of pine and the
summer breeze make a unique setting. The island combines beautiful beaches and nature with many layers of history that are visible everywhere. Spetses were a significant island for the Greek revolution in the 19 th century, an island with a great fleet. Cars are banned from the town , so people use horse carriages or bicycles, a fact that gives a special charm to the island.
Location : Spetses consists of four small islands in the Saronic Gulf, near the Argolian peninsula.

See :

  • At Poseidon square see the statue of the heroine of the War of the Greek Independence Laskarina Bouboulina, then visit her home that had been turned into museum. This home is a sample of a majestic mansion of the 19 th century.
  • In September visitors can participate in the biggest event of the island, the “Armata” a reenactment of a glorious victory of the local fleet against the Turkish fleet during the Greek revolution. It is an impressive fest with boats, fireworks, music and dance.
  • Admire all kinds of ships , especially vintage boats at Regata which is held every summer in the island.
  • Spetses was and still is the island of the captains and the sailors, wonder around the alleys and discover the decorating details that reveal this character. You will find themes with mermaids, fish, octopuses , boats along with a nostalgic atmosphere of the past in the rich homes of the old captains.
  • Visit the islands traditional shipyards where old boats , masterpieces of wood are being repaired or renovated.
  • Walk in the Navy Park between pines, flowers and wooden sculptures.
  • Take part in the bicycle ride called Tweed Ride and explore the beauties of the island.
  • Take a ride with a carriage in the promenade and experience the most romantic ride of your life.

Do :

  • Swim in the crystal waters of the sea , visit as many beaches as possible. Wonderful beaches are : Agios Nikolaos, Agios Mamas, Agia Marina, Kounoupitsa, Ligoneri, Zogeria, Xylokeriza and others.
  • Hiking and cycling

Eat – drink :

  • There are many cult bar and restaurants which offer all kinds of food and drink. 
  • Taste fish from the sea of the island , enjoy the sunset and get seduced by the charming atmosphere of the island along with a glass of wine or a drink.

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