Santorini Sailing Tour

The Santorini private sailing cruise is a good combination of crowded islands with some quite, small places at the Small Cyclades.

  • The cosmopolitan island of Santorini is in the higher priority in all of our guests mind. Everybody loves and for sure it’s worth, to visit this unique place with a private yacht.

  • For those who will chose this itinerary we have to mention that because the north winds are dominant in the area, you will have a very easy downwind sailing leg up to Santorini but on your way back you will have to motor a lot against the wind in order to get again at the protected area south of Naxos.

    Furthermore, especially from mid-June to mid-September, anchoring in Santorini is almost impossible due to lack of space in the marinas and due to congestion. Our opinion is that if you especially sail out of the high season its worth to try it. You are not going to find something similar on the whole planet.

  • Islands hopping: The following Cycladic islands, Paros – Ios – Santorini – Koufonisia –  Iraklia – Antiparos – Paros
  • Duration: 7 days
  • Suggested for: Couples ,  honeymoon
  • Dates for this trip: May, June, July, August, September, October
  • Max sailing time per day: 5-6 hours
  • Miles in total: 130 – 150
  • Sailboats you can pick:
  1. Beneteau40 sailboat(2 – 4 guests)
  2. Sun Odyssey 440 sailboat for rent (up to 6 guests)
  3. Lagoon39 Catamaran(up to 8 guests)

2022 Prices:

Discount up to 300€ for week charters on certain dates. Contact us

Prices in €/week for skippered charter October May, June, July & September August
For 2 people 3230 3870 4190
For 3 or 4 people 3480 4180 4520
Departure / Arrival Paros/Paros
What the package includes VAT 24%, the sailing yacht with all her equipment, skipper’s fee, taxes, insurance, credit card commission, wifi
What is not included Τhe diesel, the marina’s fees at the islands that you are going to visit and the end cleaning.This amount is 280€ in total. food & drinks are not included
Prices in €/week for this skippered charter(boat + skipper included) May June and Sep July August
Up to 6 persons 4820 - 5630 5730 6200 6920
Departure / Arrival Paros only Saturdays 17:00 Check outs Paros only Saturdays 09:00 (return to Paros Friday afternoon)
What is included yacht, skipper, 24% VAT, insurance, taxes, bedding, linen & towels, cooking fuel, AC current for charging your small devices, CD & MP3 sound system.
What is not included 1. food & drinks for you and the skipper
2.the diesel(depends on the consumption), the marina’s fees at the islands that you are going to visit.From our experience for one week charter this amount is about 150€ in total.
3. end cleaning & outboard 150€ fixed at the beginning
4. refundable security deposit

Discount up to 500€ for week charters on certain dates. Contact us!

Prices in €/week for skippered catamaran charter May & Oct June & Sep July Aug
3 cabins for up to 6 guests 5420 6570 7190 7490
4 cabins for up to 8 guests 5830 7090 7770 8100
Check in / Check out Paros at 17:00 / Paros at 09:00
What is included catamaran Lagoon 39, skipper fee, insurance, VAT 24%, taxes, credit card commision, wifi, bedding, linen & towels, motorised tender, AC current for charging your small devices
What is not included 1. your food as well as your skipper's is at your charge.
2. end cleaning and fuel-water-port taxes (in total approximately 450 - 600 € per week depending on the fuel consumption at current diesel prices)




Sailing the Cyclades


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Interactive Map for Your Sailing Vacations in Santorini sailing route


Route info

The check-in at 11:00 and check out at 17:00 is for the Beneteau40 and Beneteau50. The Lagoon39 check-in is at 17:00 and the check out at 09:00

Day 1: Meet your skipper at Marina cafe at 11:00 and board the yacht. After the briefing set sail for our first island, Ios. The sailing time is going to be 4-5 hours depending on the weather conditions. Ios is the party island for all the young Europeans but don’t be afraid if you don’t belong to this category. The parties are taking place in the town of Ios 2 km away from the place we are going. The area offers some nice restaurants, a wonderful beach to swim and rentals in case that you prefer to explore the beauty of the island.

Day 2: Today we will continue further south to the famous island of Santorini. We will enter the bay of Thira from the north and get ready to take as many pictures as you can of Oia, Fira town, and the volcano islands. We are going to sail around Nea Kameni(volcano) which is unbelievably unique and beautiful. Finally, we will head for the marina at Vlihada, very close to Perisa. The marina is on the south coast of Santorini and is the only place for yachts. It is about eight miles from Nea Kameni to reach the area, that means about one and a half hours more sailing. A rental is going to wait for you at the marina arranged by us in order not to waste your time and be on time in the town for your sunset photos.

Day 3: One day at Santorini is not enough. So we think it would be better to spend the whole day exploring the island with your rental. There are hundreds of beaches with black sand. Interesting wineries and archeological sites which worth to be visited. Watch the sunset from Oia and experience the nightlife at Fira town.

Day 4: Today we will start early this morning heading north for Koufonisi. It’s a long day trip but it’s worth it. A refreshing stop for swimming at Kato Koufonisi, before entering the marina in the afternoon. Rent a bicycle to visit the amazing sandy beaches.  On the island, you will find the best taverna of the Cyclades, Capitan Nicolas, excellent recommendations from all the tourist guides. Wander in the small streets of the tiny island and finish your day at the windmill bar for a drink, enjoying the view of the nearby islands.

Day 5: Iraklia is another island of the “Small Cyclades” which is worth to be visited especially for those who want to experience tiny, quiet, cute and isolated places representative of the greek spirit. So after a short stop for swimming at Schinousa on our way from Koufonisi to Iraklia, we will end up at the picturesque port of the island. Here you can swim to the nearby beach, diving from the yacht and hiking around enjoying the pure