Greek Water Yachts: The Feeling of Family during your Greek Islands Sailing Vacations

Greek Water Yachts is a local, small family owned company by Antonis Biskentzis, with a fleet of 5 sailboats(2 self-owned sailing yachts, 1 monohull sailboat and 2 catamarans from our associates) for sailing vacations in the Greek Islands

Offering Greek island sailing charters with skipper from Paros Isle, which is located in the center of Cyclades island group in the Aegean Sea in Greece, gives you the opportunity to meander around the alluring Greek Islands in the comfort of your own yacht, without any past sailing experience

The spirit of this family-owned company also passes through to the customers, creating a perfect feeling during your boating experience.

Benefits when choosing to make your skippered sailing holidays on the Greek isles with us:

  • flexible sailing trip organized both by the customer and the owner of the sailing boat.

  • sailing itineraries based on your wishes and our experience

  • excellent condition of self-owned and associated sailing boats

  • close contact with the customers

  • no brokers fees and low overheads – due to the small scale of operation and limited rent and rates to pay

  • person-to-person interaction
  • building strong and long-term relationships with the customers

  • responding flexibly to problems and challenges

  • environmental conscious vacations

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Greek islands by boat with Greek Water Yachts

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Meet Your Shipmates

Antonis Biskentzis
Antonis BiskentzisSkipper and Owner at Greek Water Yachts
Antonis( An-to-nis ) Biskentzis established Greek Water Yachts in 2008.
His passion for the sea and sailing was grown from his early childhood.
Born and grew up in Paros by a family full of sailors, was difficult to choose a different way in his life except being a sailor himself.
After high school, he joined the Merchant Navy Academy and became an officer. He worked for 17 years on board passenger ships, most in the Aegean Sea.
He sailed in the most isolated places building up his experience as a skipper, and he is enjoying what he was doing.
He loves reading, traveling, hiking in nature and he appreciates very much what he already has by now.
His philosophy of simplifying the things is very obvious as soon as you will meet him.
He will be glad to meet you during your Greek sailing trip.
Dionysis(die-on-eye-sus) was born in 1983. His mother is from Napoli and his father from Corfu, where Dionysis grew up. He has BSc in Computer Science, MSc in Networking and he worked for several years as an IT administrator and Computer instructor. Simultaneously, he studied in a drama school and he is now working as an actor. He loves travelling, photographing, windsurfing, playing the guitar. Philosophy and aerial acrobatics are his passions. He then discovered a new hobby; sailing. He started sailing the greek seas with his friends and after gaining experience he became a proffessional skipper. He is really enjoying the freedom of the sea and the silent flow of the air between the sails. His favorite sailing moments are the sunsets and the meetings with dolphins. He speaks greek, english and italian.
Antonis Kostakis
Antonis KostakisSkipper
Antonis has sailed extensively around the Greek Islands
and he will take you to some of the prettiest villages and most secluded bays.

He is licensed to command sailing vessels up to 24 meters in length
and with his easy-going and friendly personality he will not only be the captain
on your yacht, but your guide as well, making sure you have an unforgettable holiday.

Antonis was born in Greece in 1993 and his great love for the sea and the
easy-going way of life at the Greek Islands, led him to follow a career in yachting.

He is a sailing instructor so if you are interested, he can teach you the art
of sailing during your cruise and he has also been trained in First Aid, Fire Fighting
and Sea Survival, as safety is very important at sea.
Antonis speaks English very fluently and of course Greek which is his mother
language. In his spare time he enjoys cooking, photography and travel.

My name is Thanasis Prekas. Born and raised in the blessed Crete island from a family with a deep love for the blue. I learned to swim from my grandma, taught to sail from my grandpa and entirely respect the ocean from my parents.

I studied at the University of Sports and Physical Education and took my bachelor with a specification in sailing. Working with children in racing sailing during the winter and being a professional skipper during the summer are just a part of my love for the water. I’ m a freediver and a surf lover. Definitely been in and by the sea is my life and it would be my pleasure to get you in that spirit.

George Villiotis has been fortunate to have spent a life of fun and adventure navigating to the furthest corners of the Mediterranean sea.
A friendly character and great problem solver.
With great experience in all kind of yachts from 36ft monohulled to 52 ft catamaran, in all great charter companies in Greece, he is looking forward to welcoming you aboard on an adventure of a lifetime!
He has studied to Athens Technical University and he speaks Greek and English
George( j aw r j ) was born in Athens on the 16th of July 1973.
His father had been involved in the textile business, owner of hosiery at Thessaloniki, his origin city. The sea became his passion in his early age and very soon (age of 9) he was given by his parents a four and a half meters fishing boat as a means to satisfy passion. Four years later, a six meters motorboat has been his new way to “explore” the sea. Raised up at Porto Rafti, a beautiful seaside suburb of Athens, the water became slowly his way of life. Involved in motorboats as a hobby, never thought that the sea can be his sole future.

Sailing came later in his life, at the age of 28, when he decided that he should slowly “move” his life in the sea. Quitting from the family business, he did his first steps in the sea. He has sailed lots of thousands of sea miles and he feel blessed he can live my family while satisfying my big passion.

He is married and he has an 11 years old daughter. He likes All kind of water sports (ski, wakeboard, SUP, kayak etc), water polo, swimming, jogging. He speaks English and French at a basic level

Aris is a boat owner with many years of sailing. He does racing sailing. Married with children, he works mainly in Crete but also in the Cyclades on weekly trips. He likes to meet new people and explore new places.
Ilias( ill – ee- y AA s) was born in Crete in 1975.
From a young age, his love for the sea encouraged him to express himself through various relevant activities.
After completing many years of studies on electrical engineering and a year-long experience in the field, in 2008 he turns to the love of his childhood years, the sea, owning since 2001 already a sailing diploma from the Heraklion Sailing Club.
With over 35 000 miles in the Greek seas and the Mediterranean, Ilias graduates in 2016 from a three-year long nautical school while also attending seminars for life-saving and firefighting equipment and safety necessary for seafarers, has trained groups for acquiring a sailing diploma and has taken part in many volunteer actions.
In 2016, following a successful initiative for the organization of a rescue mission of refugees in the eastern Aegean waters, his interest was drawn even more towards acquiring knowledge and experience on first aid and rescue at sea. He is a member of the Greek Rescue Team. He likes long sea travels and is interested in ecology and the relationship of man with nature.
For Antonis, the sea has always been a central part of his life. Ever since he was a young boy, he spent his days on boats, exploring, fishing and swimming. In 1990, he started sailing and has been traveling by sail all over Greece since.
Konstantinos was born in 1982 and he is a family man and father of two, who is highly self-motivated and goal-oriented. He is a friendly and outgoing individual who works well both independently and as part of a team. Having experience in handling unplanned and unexpected situations, he understands the importance of teamwork.

With 20 years of service as a Marine veteran and retired Sergeant Major, as well as three years of experience as a professional skipper/host in the yachting business, Konstantinos has the necessary expertise to provide exceptional service to clients. He holds certifications as a sailing yacht skipper (qualified 1st in class by N.C.S.), power boat skipper (qualified 1st in class by Hellenic Coast Guard), and beer sommelier level Cicerone (qualified by Genius in Gastronomy wine and beer). Additionally, he has been sailing since 2002 as an athlete.

Konstantinos has a college diploma and possesses skills such as multitasking, interpersonal communication, knowledge of food safety, excellent customer service, an excellent work ethic, honesty and integrity, a motivated attitude, equipment troubleshooting, teamwork, and first aid & CPR.

Fluent in both English and Greek, Konstantinos is committed to providing the best service possible and ensuring that clients have an unforgettable sailing experience.