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Greek Water Yachts: The Feeling of Family during your Greek Islands Sailing Vacations

Greek Water Yachts is a local, small family owned company by Antonis Biskentzis, with a fleet of 2 sailing yachts and 2 more from our associates, for sailing vacations in the Greek Islands

Offering Greek island sailing charters with skipper from Paros Isle, which is located in the center of Cyclades island group in the Aegean Sea in Greece, gives you the opportunity to sail to itineraries that you have never seen or imagined before.

The spirit of this family-owned company also passes through to the customers, creating a perfect feeling during your boating experience.

Benefits when choose to make your skippered sailing holidays on the Greek isles with us:

  • flexible sailing trip organized both by the customer and the owner of the sailing boat.

  • sailing itineraries based on your wishes and our experience

  • excellent condition of self-owned and associated sailing boats

  • close contact with the customers

  • no brokers fees and low overheads – due to the small scale of operation and limited rent and rates to pay

  • person-to-person interaction
  • building strong and long-term relationships with the customers

  • responding flexibly to problems and challenges

  • environmental conscious vacations

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Meet Your Shipmates

Antonis Biskentzis
Antonis BiskentzisSkipper and Owner at Greek Water Yachts
Antonis Biskentzis established Greek Water Yachts in 2008.
His passion for the sea and sailing was grown from his early childhood.
Born and grew up in Paros by a family full of sailors, was difficult to choose a different way in his life except being a sailor himself.
After high school, he joined the Merchant Navy Academy and became an officer. He worked for 17 years on board passenger ships, most in the Aegean Sea.
He sailed in the most isolated places building up his experience as a skipper, and he is enjoying what he was doing.
He loves reading, traveling, hiking in nature and he appreciates very much what he already has by now.
His philosophy of simplifying the things is very obvious as soon as you will meet him.
He will be glad to meet you during your Greek sailing trip.
Gerorge was born in 1954. He has Bachelor in Ecology, from the University of Thessaloniki , Greece and Master in Economics. Of course, Offshore Sailing Diploma and most than 25 years of experience as a skipper in the Aegean and in the Mediterranean Sea, since 1985. He is single with interest in reading, sculpture, woodwork and finance. He speaks Greek and English.
Dionysis was born in 1983. His mother is from Napoli and his father from Corfu, where Dionysis grew up. He has BSc in Computer Scince, MSc in Networking and he worked for several years as an IT administrator and Computer instructor. Simultaneously, he studied in a drama school and he is now working as an actor. He loves travelling, photographing, windsurfing, playing the guitar. Philosophy and aerial acrobatics are his passions. He then discovered a new hobby; sailing. He started sailing the greek seas with his friends and after gaining experience he became a proffessional skipper. He is really enjoying the freedom of the sea and the silent flow of the air between the sails. His favorite sailing moments are the sunsets and the meetings with dolphins. He speaks greek, english and italian.