Vacationing on a yacht has long been associated with luxury, wealth, and power. But in the past decade, the price of such holidays has dropped significantly. You will enjoy a sybaritic experience at a normal price

Greek archipelago is an attractive playground for no sailors, novice and experienced sailors.

For those without a valid license for renting a yacht on their own in order to sail through the Greek islands, then our skippered (captain) yacht charters in Greece is the right choice.

Skippered yacht charters as the name imply mean that the yacht is rented with a professional crew consisting of a skipper who will handle the main tasks of sailing the boat, navigating the islands, and mooring.

Can you give us some practical information on your skippered charters?

Below you will find some useful information about skippered sailing in the Greek islands:

yacht charter in Greece with skipper

Hire a skipper in one of our boats

  • Our small boats are in the port of Paros, in Parikia,(a couple of boats are also based in Kalamaki in Athens and Lefkada in Ionion starting from 2020 sailing season). Our small yachts include the latest models from some of the most famous yacht builders including Beneteau, Jeanneau, and Lagoon. Except for the captain, all boats are equipped with any addons needed and delivered together with Greek Water Yachts and associates unmatched service. A service that is ideal for non-professional sailors/total beginners in sailing.
  • During your check-in day, your skipper will wait for you to take off for your trip. Your skipper will accompany and he will lead you to the best coves and islands with safety. You will be chauffeured private around the Greek islands taken off the beaten track. This is a brilliant way to learn the ropes without the responsibility. Our friendly skipper will encourage you to take an active part in your holiday or you can simply relax and be sailed around!
  • Your trip depends also on the weather, but your captain is experienced and knows the best sail route under any circumstances.
  • The captains in our company are perfectly trained and they all have the license to sail a boat. 
  • They have made many trips around the Cyclades(Argosaronikos, or Ionian) and they can provide to our clients a pleasant trip and info about the islands you are going to visit. They are on the boat for you and they can propose to you the best restaurant, bar, café, beach and all the sites you must visit. Our captains live in the Cycladic islands and as locals, they will introduce you to the real-life and the authentic aspect of those islands. The captains are always willing to recount stories from their cruises.
  • Another choice for a skippered cruise is to have on the boat one hostess. The duties of a hostess are to prepare and serve breakfast, snacks, and dinner. All meals will be prepared as you wish, you can choose the menu and adjust the plates to your taste. In addition, a hostess is responsible for the cleaning of the boat and she could help you with your kids.
  • More recently, of course, Coronavirus has exposed some of the downfalls of having 2000 people together on a ship, eating together,
    confined together – and the idea of being in quarantine on a liner is really shudder, so small, private, Greek yacht charters with skipper also is an ideal option.
  • Usually, our boats start the cruise on Fridays (morning) in order to avoid busy Saturday harbors but also we may be flexible depending on the availability. The trips last 7 days, so check out is in the port of Paros on Thursday afternoon. If you start on Friday evening you should expect to check out Friday morning. 

What should I have in my mind before sailing a cruise to the Greek Islands?


Visit Koufonissia on a sailing trip in Greece with a skipper

Before you start your trip, you should have in mind :

  • How many hours you are going to sail per day. On this basis, it is easy to plan your route and the islands you can visit. Island hopping may seem attractive, but you should take into consideration the fact that this means many hours on board and less time for swimming on a beach, less time for walking and see sighting in the islands, and probably complaints from children or from persons that are not much familiar with sailing. A trip and vacation should satisfy all in the family or in the company.


  • Also, you should have in mind that a sailing trip around the Greek Islands depends a lot on the weather. No matter how much you would like to visit a specific island, you may not be able to accomplish your wish because of the wind. Strong winds may not allow sailing to some itineraries. So someone must be ready to change plans and visit safe harbors or a route that protects the boat and the crew. In this way, our clients will feel safe and they will enjoy their trip even under the most difficult circumstances. Your skipper knows the most peaceful buys and the best islands for every change of the weather.


  • A successful cruise does not depend on the plethora of islands you are going to visit. Many islands per trip do not mean necessarily a good cruise and memorable experience. The most important is the quality of the time you spent at each destination. Stay and enjoy the beauty of a place. Mix with the locals, explore nature and history without the stress of the next destination.


  • A Greek island charter cruise with a skipper is a relaxing trip much different from an ordinary journey made for tourists that try to see and visit as many touristic attractions as possible. A sailing trip represents the sea, the sun, the swimming, and the touch with nature, which is a trip to freedom where all the senses are alive. Numbers, time, programs, and strict plans are prohibited on a sailboat. Furthermore, think that one week is enough usually for 5 islands. If you wish to visit more islands and you have time you are free to prolong your trip and visit more islands or stay longer in a place. In this case, you will have the opportunity to meet many different options, to discover the variety of the Greek islands. You will visit cosmopolitan islands like Mykonos or Santorini and small, isolated islands like Sikinos or Schinoussa.


  • skipper boat greece

    A group of friends enjoying the clear crystal waters

    All routes are flexible and you can along with your skipper to plan your own route. There is a route in the Cyclades or Ionian for everyone. Our aim is to satisfy you and fulfill all your expectations. As long as you start with the term that you love the sea, it is given that you will have the time of your life. On every trip, there are stops for diving and swimming and stops to see sighting. During a stop on an island, you can go shopping, you can do water sports, visit a museum, eat in a restaurant, drink a coffee or a drink and walk around the streets. Be sure that on board you will have all the services you expect from luxurious accommodation.


  • Also, you are free to order additional services. Canoe, diving or fishing equipment, or something else which we will take care of to provide you. The skipper that you have hired will be available to guide you around the boat and to introduce you to some basics about sailing.


  • At the end of each day, sailors can have dinner on board or in a restaurant or tavern on an island. The second choice gives you the chance to taste unique, local plates, and new tastes. Gastronomy is a major factor in a journey because food creates memories and reveals the special identity of a place. But if our guests wish to stay on board and cook, the boat’s kitchen is perfectly equipped, ready to prepare a special dinner. The set for your dinner is ready too: the stars, the calm sea, and the moon.  A perfect scene for a relaxing evening and night.


  • If you hesitate to book a sailing trip around the Greek islands because of the price, please check the cost and compare it with a 7 day trip in 5 islands with boat tickets and stay in a hotel. Then, you will out that a sailing cruise is the best choice in the financial aspect. You will spend less money on a skippered charter than you will pay for any other choice for a vacation in Greece. Keep in mind that less money doesn’t mean fewer amenities or quality. In our point of view, the opportunity to swim when you wish, to sleep under the stars, to feel the summer breeze, to cruise between rocky coves with impossibly clear water,  to reach a different island every day, and to schedule your vacation according to your desires is invaluable. All these are the advantages of a sailing cruise.

Who chooses a charter with a skipper in Greece?

yacht charter with skipper in Greece

A family enjoying the sea while during the cruise the hired skipper is responsible for the boat

Our guests are people that search for sailing vacations where sailing experience is not required(no sailors). At the same time, they want the knowledge of a local guide who can communicate with other people and give advice for the best places to visit. Families with kids, couples, honeymooners, and of course a group of friends.

All the above prove the distinctive character of a skippered charter that guarantees a unique experience. Visit our site, read the info about our trips and itineraries, and book a skipper boat Greece cruise for the dates you wish.

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