Plan a sailing trip for couples

Many couples when they are planning their summer vacation they feel that they repeat a process and eventually, they will experience the previous vacation in a different destination. As a result, they don’t anticipate for the next trip. Surprises are out of the plan on a conventional holiday even if you are going to travel in the most exciting place. An excellent alternative for couples that combines beautiful islands and a new perspective in traveling is a sailing trip in the Greek islands.

Couples usually hesitate about a sailing tour because they are afraid that they will be bored on a boat in the middle of the sea. Also, they feel anxious about their safety during the cruise. A skippered sailing cruise is ideal for those who are inexperienced on this type of vacation. All boats are managed by experienced high trained on sailing skippers who can provide you a safe route.  Our guests have only to relax and enjoy the pleasant that offers the direct contact with the sea and the sun. Your skipper knows the sites are worth visiting and he can guide you to secret beauties of the islands. The skippers are also familiar with the local life and they can induct you into a new authentic type of life.

Isolated coves and beaches, approachable only by boat will wait for you in the most beautiful islands of the Cyclades in the Aegean Sea. Walk around the small alleys of the traditional villages or enjoy your drink on the boat or in a bar under the light of the moon.


Why a sailing trip is ideal for couples?


A sailing trip is an exodus from your routine in everyday life and from predictable, boring holiday time. It is a journey to freedom, an opportunity to live on heaven on earth, away from crowded beaches and massive touristic attractions and activities. Read below the benefits of a sailing cruise:

  • It is for sure an idyllic experience
  • It is a time just for the two of you in extremely beautiful islands
  • It is a private vacation time designed according to your needs and wishes
  • You can live under circumstances of ultimate freedom and relaxation
  • You will have the opportunity for island hopping
  • You will be part of a unique setting with stunning waters, picturesque villages, lovely flora and fauna.
  • You will adopt a new attitude to the sea, you will explore the sea life and you will enjoy swimming in unbelievable waters.
  • You will experience a mental clearance
  • Meet the depth of your soul and the depth of your partner’s soul


Contact us to guide you about your options in routes and let us help you to find the ideal boat and itinerary for you.     

What a couple can do on a sailing cruise?

A sailing trip is a trip from island to island. At the end of the tour, you will have visited many different islands and you will have seen many archaeological sites, or natural beauties or architecture interests of those islands. The schedule depends on your interests. What is certain is that you will swim a lot, you can enjoy romantic sunsets and feel the sea breeze and salt among with the sun on your skin. If you wish,  you can visit cosmopolitan beaches and restaurants or quiet coves and small traditional café or taverns. 


Book the boat that fits you

Before you book a skippered cruise check on our website the options that are available. Then check the reviews from our clients. Take into consideration your budget, your needs, and your wishes and finally choose the best boat for you. The website describes for each boat type the facilities, the advantages and the rest characteristics of it. A perfect choice is to book a skippered boat with a crew which means that your skipper will be responsible for your safety and a lady will help you with the cleanliness and the cooking on the boat.


The necessary things on the boat – what to pack a couple?

 Many questions arise when we start packing for a sailing cruise. We don’t know the changes of the weather on boat or we are not sure if we are going to visit primitive or cosmopolitan islands. So, what should we pack?

Here are some tips for your suitcase. Remember that a boat isn’t as large as a hotel room and you need mostly light clothes on the boat. So, try not to take too many clothes and other things with you. Probably you will need only your swimsuit and a caftan and of course your hippie mood.

  • Take the necessary documents and keep them in a safe, dry place
  • Swimsuits, hats, sunglasses
  • Tunik dresses or other cover-ups, loose garments.
  • Light color t-shirts
  • A long sleeve hoody or a jacket for the night
  • Shirts dresses for a night out.
  • Sandals and sport shoes
  • Beach towel
  • Sunscreens for skin, hair, and lips
  • Shampoo and shower foam
  • An emergency kit, included in it and pills against seasick
  • Cards travel chess, cell phone charger, camera, a good book


Famous destinations with a sailboat for couples

  Take the advantage to combine a visit to the famous Greek islands with an unforgettable sailing trip. There are a lot of islands in the Cyclades in the center of the Aegean Sea which is in close distance. This is ideal for island hopping by sailboat. On a seven day trip, you will be able to visit four or five different islands and to experience the beauty of sailing. A variety of cultures, sceneries, visiting sites, and beaches are waiting for the visitors. Our clients will have the opportunity to see all those on a cruise made just for them.  

Some of our boats are available only for 7 days Greek island sailing trips and some others also for short sailing holidays(5 days, 4 days or 1-day private sailing cruise from Paros – the Cyclades – Greece)

Starting from Paros we suggest the following sailing routes:

Live your myth in the famous Greek islands and plan a different journey that is adjusted to your wishes.

Sailing vacations for couples


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