One of the most significant advantages that a sailing trip by a rental boat offers is the opportunity to visit many different islands in one sailing tour. Island hopping is easy on a sailing trip around the Cycladic island complex. 

A sailing tour through the Cyclades islands is guaranteed to be the most exciting vacation time you’ll ever experience. Starting the cruise from Paros – as your basis for the trip – you can choose among a variety of different itineraries and visit from 4 to 8 islands depending on the duration of your trip, your schedule, your wishes and of course the weather. You can spend at least half a day on each island or two days if you decide so. The most popular island stops are : Paros, Antiparos, Naxos, Minor Cyclades (Iraklia, Schinoussa, Koufonisi), Amorgos, Milos, Santorini. All of them are special and they represent the beauty of the Greek nature, the azure sea waters, the bright sun and the tradition of the Aegean architecture and way of life. All of them promised a fantastic experience under the sun. 

How much does it cost to sail?

Although island hopping in Greek islands sounds like an amazing prospect for vacation, it is true that it might be a very costly project. However if you choose to see a lot of those islands by a cruise boat with skipper it will turn out as a low –priced option. 

Ferry tickets and accommodation are very expensive, especially for families with children, these expenses are included in the cost of a private sailing cruise. Island hopping by a sailing boat is affordable, flexible, adventurous and more soft than hopping by sea transportations. In addition you can organize your own plan and route without the restrictions and the waiting that a trip by ferry requires. 

The space is limited

A cruise on a boat around the Greek island looks as an ideal choice but keep in mind that except for the blue waters, the freedom , the sunbath on deck and the exploring of the islands, sailing is a different way of travelling which requires some preparation. You have to bear in mind the special conditions that gilt on a boat. 

First of all remember that  your boat will be your home for the vacation period, the place you will use as a means of moving and also as a lodgment. The space is limited and it includes bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms, dining and open space. As a result a minimal packing is the best for this type of trip. Take with you what is necessary and avoid enormous suitcases. Keep tidy and simple.

You May Spend Hours at Sea Each Day

For most of the people it goes without saying that when sailing in Greece you will be spending the majority of your time on the boat. Theoretically it’s a lot of time to be spending on a boat but it’s a way more tranquil option of travelling than going by ferry or a plane. You have a wide variety of activities you can do while you are on the boat like enjoying a book under the sun, listening to music , drawing or just gazing at the Mediterranean sea. Apart from the above, you will be given the chance to visit breathtaking landscapes, unseen beaches with special geomorphology and numerous more sceneries that you will get to explore.

You’ll get Damp and Likely Sun Burnt

You should always keep in mind that you are on a boat so some things such as the hot and the sprays of water are apparent and probably baked in the cake. You should help yourself by putting on sunscreen on a daily basis and replying to it every few hours. Also the possession of a hat and sunglasses are a good idea. Furthermore, you might not want to be sitting in the sun the whole time and you should try to seek a bit of shade to sit in. If the sea is turbulent there is a possibility that you get sprayed. Although, you won’t probably be having a problem unless the swell is really big.   

Sea Sickness Can Happen. Not such a  big deal

When sailing in Greece one of the major drawbacks is sea sickness. Even if you don’t know whether you will be infected by it or not and you don’t want to take a chance and find it out there are some safety measures that you can take in order to achieve this. One option is to take  anti-nausea drugs like Dramamines in advance in order to prevent it , you could also use sea-sickness bracelets and you should be getting fresh air frequently.

You’ll Probably be excited about sailing. You will ask for it every year.

Undoubtedly, sailing holidays in Greece are an unforgettable , lifetime adventure and experience that you won’t regret. In fact you will probably be thrilled and amazed by all the eye-catching landscapes , the magnificent swim spots and the view of the beaten track islands that will offer you so much fun. Yeah you may end up covered in salt water , and sunburn to the bone but in the end you will be looking forward to your next sailing holiday in Greece!