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Catamaran sailing holidays in Greece and Greek Isles

2020-06-17T11:41:27+03:00June 17th, 2020|sailing greece tips, sailing vacation tips, skippered charters Greece|

In sailing vacation catamaran has become a high preference choice. That’s why catamaran offers a number of advantages comparing with other sailboats. A catamaran is a spacious, stable boat ideal for a family or for a couple with a great sailing behavior even when [...]

Sailing trips in the Greek islands during covid -19 pandemic

2020-05-25T23:37:21+03:00May 25th, 2020|alerts, sailing greece tips|

COVID -19 is responsible for restrictions that have been imposed by governments all over the world.Still, sailing vacation in Greece is the best choice for summer 2020, the after pandemic summer, because :Greek islands are a safe area, an area where COVID -19 had almost [...]

Sailing & Stand up paddle boards Holiday in Greece

2020-03-08T11:42:42+03:00March 8th, 2020|Uncategorized|

For 2020 sailing season Greek Water Yachts can offer to guests Stand up Paddle lessons with a professional instructor. You will combine your sailing charter in the Greek Isles with S.U.P lessons. Experience: Beginner – Intermediate S.U.P. Lesson About your Instructor Your S.U.P [...]

Couples sailing charter

2020-01-27T20:53:37+03:00January 19th, 2020|sailing vacation tips, skippered charters Greece|

Plan a sailing trip for couples Many couples when they are planning their summer vacation they feel that they repeat a process and eventually, they will experience the previous vacation in a different destination. As a result, they don’t anticipate for the next trip. [...]

13 tips for family sailing holiday in Greece

2020-01-07T19:24:46+03:00January 7th, 2020|sailing vacation tips|

What do you need for a Greek sailing holiday with kids? A sailing trip with a sailboat or catamaran is a great opportunity for children and adults to live some days without tablets or other electronic devices. We all experience in our everyday routine a [...]

Skippered yacht charter & crewed sailing with skipper or captain in Greece

2020-04-12T21:50:13+03:00December 6th, 2019|sailing greece tips, skippered charters Greece|

Vacationing on a yacht has long been associated with luxury, wealth and power . But in the past decade, the price of such holidays have dropped significantly . Greek archipelago is an attractive playground for novice and experienced sailors For those without a valid license [...]

Price list 2020 sailboat charter Greece prices | Rent sailing boat Greece price

2019-11-10T19:55:50+03:00November 10th, 2019|offers|

rates and prices shown to rent sailing boat Greece are for the whole group (and NOT per person) skipper is included in all prices Imagining about cruising the Greek islands but you are concerned that the price for renting a sailing boat might be high? [...]