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Sailing Greece Tips

Skippered yacht charter & crewed sailing with skipper or captain in Greece

2019-12-08T15:11:47+03:00December 6th, 2019|sailing greece tips, skippered charters Greece|

For those without a valid license for renting a yacht on their own in order to sail the Greek islands our skippered(captain) yacht charters in Greece are for you.  Skippered yacht charters as the name imply mean that the yacht is rented with a professional [...]

Today, let us talk about Slow Tourism

2019-07-26T19:00:22+03:00July 26th, 2019|sailing greece tips, sailing vacation tips|

A new trend in tourism is expanded in the world travel industry. This is about Slow Tourism, a version of the slow movement in travel area which has its origins on the movement of slow food. According to a new survey of the University of [...]

Where to go for sailing vacations in Greece?

2019-06-30T17:48:13+03:00May 17th, 2019|sailing greece tips|

Sailing in Greece is a well-known way to spend your valuable vacation time. You should expect to enjoy clear waters, history, culture, beauty, sunny days and unique islands. Greece islands and islets are more than 1200 to 6000 depending on the minimum size to take [...]

Sailing from Athens to Santorini

2019-03-30T20:50:23+03:00March 28th, 2019|sailing greece tips, sailing vacation tips|

Can we sail to Santorini? Many of our customers, when they hear about the Greek islands, immediately comes to their mind the island of Santorini. But can they really enjoy their sailing holiday if they stopover in Santorini? First issue: The distance for the given [...]

Donousa, an island few and far between

2019-02-27T10:21:36+03:00February 12th, 2019|Minor Cyclades trip, sailing greece tips, sailing vacation tips|

In the southeastern of the Aegean Sea, it is situated the island group called the Cyclades; the smallest islands of this group constitute the “Minor Cyclades”. In the “Minor Cyclades” belong Donousa, Schinousa, Koufonisia, and Iraklia. Donousa is a tiny island where permanently live [...]