Vacation is the most precious period of the year, a special undergo that we need to make sure that will worth.  Real vacation means new, unforgettable experiences for you and your family or your company. Sailing is a perfect choice for this feel.

10 things you will experience by sailing the Greek islands

  • Freedom :  spent your time according to your wishes, without limits or strict schedules. In the boat, you will have to deal only with the sun, the wind and the sea. 

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  • Strong memories : in the middle of the sea capture through your eyes the view of the Greek islands and take with you this picture, as a moment of peace and beauty.2 week boat trip in Greece


  • Contact with the nature: sailing allows the direct exposure to the nature. Sailing makes you part of the scenery along with the blue waters, the summer breeze and the flavor of the land. 

  • Autonomy – independence: a sailing trip is above all a flexible trip that can be adjusted to your mood or to your needs. Your captain is there to accomplish your  dream.


  • Variety : travelling by a sail boat is an ideal way to acquaintance with the Aegean islands in one cruise.  Island hoping  is a major advantage of a sailing trip, especially in Cyclades island complex where there are a lot of islands in small distance  between them. This means new places and opportunities to observation of the Greek landscape. 

  • Privacy : sailing by a rent boat is a private tour. Except from that, your boat will visit and will stop in non crowded spots away from the touristic spots. 

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  • Unique experiences : You will discover the secret, valuable places where the tourist agencies don’t lead their customers. Also, many activities are available in the visited islands.

  • Summer spirit: sea, sun , carelessness are the synonyms of the Greek summer, the real summer spirit which you will enjoy  supremely on a deck, in the vast, Greek blue.
a couple on a sailing boat

a couple on a boat

  • Authenticity : away from the popular spots made by the touristic industry you will have the chance to get familiar with the local way of life and get original experiences. The skippers of our boats are persons with origins and contacts with local people and they can make the best proposes so that you will meet the traditional life. 

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  • Bond with your family/ lover or company : a strong relation, an active participation of all members of the cruise are necessary in order to take initiative, to design the schedule and to spent time together  during a sailing trip. As a sequence a strong bond will be built between the sailors. 

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