In sailing vacation catamaran has become a high preference choice. That’s why catamaran offers a number of advantages comparing with other sailboats. A catamaran is a spacious, stable boat ideal for a family or for a couple with a great sailing behavior even when the wind and the waters are not very friendly.

A catamaran is designed in order to be easily managed with two floats,  a major upside because it allows the boat to approach stable almost in any type of sailing destination.  At the same time, it has got a comfortable deck and cabins. Furthermore, all the above reasons make catamaran an excellent choice for sailing beginners.

You can rent a catamaran from our company and discover the Cyclades, the Ionian islands, or  Saronic and Peloponnese along with an experienced skipper.

Our company, Greek Water Yachts, owns as well monohull also available for a sailing cruise.  A monohull is a completely different boat with other possibilities which has got different advantages comparing to a catamaran sailboat.  Below you can read about them and then you will be ready to make the best choice according to your wishes and your needs. 

Pros of a catamaran

  1. The whole design of catamaran gives to your skipper the flexibility needed if you wish to get too close to a beach and anchor there even in shallow waters. So, you will have the chance to visit secret, small, isolated, paradise buys where only your boat can sail.  
  2. Also, it is a boat with a big width and consequently, it is a steady boat that offers a great sense of security to the sailors avoiding the unpleasant seasickness.
  3. A catamaran has got two engines, is a very fast and flexible boat for long distances and rough situations on the sea.
  4. Inside, you will find spacious cabins with large beds and private bathrooms. It has got also a saloon with a kitchen. 
  5. In your cabin, you can enjoy privacy and luxury but on the deck, you have a free view to the sea and enough space for sunbathing and relaxing. 

Cons of a catamaran

  1. The size of the boat is in some cases prohibitive for an easy anchor in a marina.
  2. There is not in Greece a great variety in catamaran type boats. In a monohull, there are many more options.
  3. A catamaran is not ideal for upwind sailing comparing to a monohull vessel.
  4. Sometimes the weather is not helpful for a trip by catamaran because there are not always large waves and strong winds. In those cases maybe a monohull os a better choice. But this depends on the wind which in July and in August in the Cyclades islands is usually strong. In other routes the wind is more peaceful. 
  5. A catamaran is more expensive than a smaller vessel and it gives you a less strong feeling of adventure.

Advice for catamaran guests

  1. Try to be early to your anchor point in every island you visit, otherwise you’ ll not find a dock seat.
  2. Your skipper must have in mind and remind you that catamaran sails sideways even stopped, so you have to be careful when you get off your boat.
  3. Island hopping during a sailing trip in Greek island and especially around the Cyclades is easy because the distances from an island to another are short.  No matter which itinerary you will choose a Greek island offer amazing beaches and bays,  ideal for swimming away from crowds and noise.
  4. A catamaran is a  faster boat than a monohull and it ships over more difficult.

Generally, the catamaran is a steady, spacious vessel and a monohull is a small, flexible, and more adventurous vessel. 

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