5-day yacht charter Greece

The small Cyclades

If a week sailing charter in Greece is too much to fit your vacation schedule, or you just want to try a private sailing cruise, a 5 days yacht charter provides a great opportunity for the ones that want to include a sailing cruise in their holiday plan in the Greek islands.

  • you will spend 4 nights in 4 different islands of the Small Cyclades

  • the route is protected from the prevailing north winds during the summer and within an easy sailing distance for a short sailing cruise

  • unspoiled by the passage of the time, great food, beautiful beaches and walking routes are the highlights of the trip

  • don’t expect luxuries here nor will you find much in the way of shopping or nightlife (except perhaps on hippy-chic Koufonissia)


Islands hopping: Sailing the Small Cyclades islands, Paros –> Iraklia–> Sxoinousa –> Koufonisia –> Kalando(or Antiparos) –> Paros

Duration: 5 days

Suggested for: Family sailing holidays, Couples and friends sailing, honeymoonnaturists sailing

Max sailing time per day: 5 hours

Min sailing time per day: 1 hour

Average sailing time per day: 3.8 hours

Miles in total: 75

Sailboats you can pick: Beneteau40 sailboat(2 – 4 guests), Lagoon39 catamaran( up to 8 guests)

Dates you can go for this trip with a Lagoon39 catamaran : May, June, July, August, September, October

Dates you can go for this trip with a Beneteau40 sailboat : May, June, September, October

5 days Beneteau40 2023 Prices:

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Prices in €/5days for skippered charter October May, June & September July & August
For 2 people 2490 3050 -
For 3 or 4 people 2800 3260 -
Departure / Arrival Paros/Paros
What the package includes VAT, the sailing yacht with all her equipment, skipper’s fee, taxes, insurance, credit card commission, wifi
What is not included food & drinks, the diesel, the marina’s fees at the islands that you are going to visit and the end cleaning.This amount is 260€ in total.

5 days Lagoon39 catamaran 2023 Prices

Prices in €/5 days for skippered catamaran charter May & Oct June & Sep July Aug
3 cabins for up to 6 guests 4230 5090 5340 5590
4 cabins for up to 8 guests 4560 5500 5780 6050
Check in / Check out Paros at 11:00 / Paros at 17:00
What is included catamaran Lagoon 39(4 double cabins + 4 wc/head), skipper, insurance, VAT, taxes, bedding, linen & towels, motorized tender, AC current for charging your small devices
What is not included 1. your food, as well as your skipper's, is at your charge. 2., end cleaning and fuel-water-port taxes (in total approximately 400 € per week depending on the fuel consumption) 



5-day yacht charter in Greece


Greek Water Yachts

Interactive Map for Your 5 day sailing in Greece


Route info

Day 1: Meet your skipper at the marina at 11:00 and board the sailboat. After the briefing concerning your trip, set sail around Paros for our first destination, Iraklia. 

Paros – Iraklia 22nm (4.5 hours). Iraklia is another island of the “Small Cyclades” which is worth to be visited especially for those who want to experience tiny, quiet, cute and isolated places, representative of the Greek spirit. So after a short stop for swimming at Antikeros on our way from Amorgos to Iraklia, we will end up at the picturesque port of the island.
Here you can swim to the nearby beach, diving from the yacht and hiking around enjoying the pure nature. Dinner at Iraklia means fresh fishes and the local tavernas more hospitable than anywhere else are ready to fulfill your expectations.

Day 2: Iraklia – Koufonisi: (2 hours). Set sail from Iraklia to Koufonisi. Enjoy your trip in this protected area. The view is amazing during this short sailing trip. Koufonisi is further the most beautiful of the small Cyclades islands with many sandy beaches all around. Rent a bicycle and visit all of them. Dinner at “Captain Nicolas” place is out of any kind of negotiation as well as a frozen mojito at the windmill bar just above the marina.

Day 3: Koufonisi – Schoinousa:(1.5hours). After a short sailing trip, you will arrive in Schoinousa. Colors and fragrances of the Aegean in a small place on the map but great in our heart. An islet that you will love from the very first moment for its people, for its natural, tranquil rhythms, for its fantastic beaches.Ιn Schinoussa you will not come for luxurious accommodation and lively life, but to relax in mild rhythms and small sizes, to walk on quiet paths, to swim on tropical beaches

Day 4: The fourth day. You have two options. You can either visit Kalando(1h trip) or Antiparos(4h trip). Kalando is a special place. There is a safe port for the yacht but not a village. It’s an isolated area with a long sandy beach and many kilometers of trails by the seaside, ideal for hiking in the pure nature. For dinner, a primitive kiosk operated by a local shepherd offers BBQ only with local products. Don’t expect luxuries here. For sure it’s going to be your favorite place at the end.

On the other hand, the fourth day you may want to visit Antiparos isle instead of Kalando. After a relatively long sailing hop, you will arrive in Antiparos. Wandering around the small streets of the beautiful village, have dinner in one of the decades of restaurants and continue with a drink at one of the local bars. Nightlife here, especially in high season is a must for everyone.

Day 5: This is the last day of your trip. If you start from Kalando it will be a long sailing trip to Paros(5,5h). Of course, you will stop for lunch and the necessary swim on a protected bay. On the other hand, if you start from Antiparos the last sailing hop to Paros will be a short one(1h). We strongly recommend you before setting sail for our final destination, to visit the cave of Antiparos. Buses are operating just 100 meters away from the yacht. On your return on board, we will leave immediately for a nice anchorage on a small island north of Antiparos with crystal clear water. The afternoon has already come as well as the farewell time at Paros port.


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