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By the cabin sailing cruise in the Greek islands

/By the cabin sailing cruise in the Greek islands
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Cabin charter in the Greek isles – Cyclades – Paros

cabin charter greeceA cabin charter in the Greek isles is an excellent option for couples and individuals who would like to enjoy a sailing cruise in the Greek isles but maybe don’t have the sailing experience or cannot support or want to enjoy the sailing adventure at a portion of the cost of a skippered yacht

Cabin charter is also an ideal pick for anyone just wishing to give a try on a sailing trip to see whether they enjoy sailing.

With a book by the cabin option one just rents a double cabin with a private bathroom and shares the rest of the boat with other solo guests.

A maximum of 8 guests has the chance to share a beautiful Greek island sailing cruise.

You sail under the guidance of an experienced licensed captain who is responsible for the safety of the boat and you. You can help the captain or relax and enjoy the scenery, the decision is up to you.

Cabin charter sailing trip route

The itinerary is designed with easy shorter sailing legs to provide you the time you need to relax, enjoy the sun, and meet your shipmates.

Itinerary: Paros-Paros via Santorini or Amorgos according to weather

Embarkation at 11 am in Parikia port

Disembarkation at 5 pm in Parikia port (returning to base in the afternoon)


The cabin charter program for 2019

Embarkation: at 11 am in Parikia – Paros port

Disembarkation: at 5 pm in Parikia – Paros port (returning to base in the afternoon)

2019 Dates:

To be defined…

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Pricing for cabin charter sailing cruise in Greece

1 double cabin with private bathroom

Weekly prices for 2 people:

Outside July and August: 1500 €

In July and August: 1700 €

Expenses: a common kitty of 240 € per person per week, to settle on boarding day, will pay for shared expenses (breakfasts and lunches on board, dinners ashore, beverages, port dues, water, fuel, skipper’s meals). The skipper will do the bookkeeping and shall have all bills/invoices at ready for perusal by his guests.

Included: skipper, insurance, taxes, bedding, linen & towels, watermaker, AC current for charging your small devices, fans in the cabins, fins, end cleaning.

How cabin charter works

No sailing expertise is needed. Except enjoying the sea of the Cyclades and also the sun, you’re involved in daily tasks of daily life at sea, up to handling the yacht itself if you thus want.
Some of you, lower or flake the sails, others steer the boat while others shop or cook.
Works are equally shared among everybody (dish laundry, sorting the galley).

Αll you need is the right communication in work sharing.

The day starts with breakfast and a few grocery shopping prior set sail. We tend to sail two to four hours stopping wherever possible for a swim and of course for a light lunch.
We usually arrive in every day’s destination around 15:00, leaving plenty of time for relaxing or exploring the area.

When you embark you pay for all shared expenses (kitty) such as breakfasts and lunches onboard, dinners ashore, water, fuel, port dues, skipper’s meals.
The skipper acts as the accountant keeping all receipts etc. It works well and everybody is usually pleased with it.
The only ‘extra’ cash you may pay is basically only on souvenirs and any drinks when sightseeing far from the group.

Cabin charter vacation enquiry

Make your introductory reservation request for your Greek islands sailing cruise by the cabin, by filling out the contact – booking form.  We will respond within 24-48 hours.

Greece Cabin charter FAQS

Check out our questions and answers section about a cabin charter trip in the Greek isles captain.