7-day Sailing the Ionian Islands

Greek Water Yachts trying to respond to requests for sailing holidays in the Ionian islands, launches for 2020 a partnership involving a Lagoon38 catamaran

Discover the most popular sailing destinations in the Ionian: famous beaches and beautiful islands reveal their secrets.

Full with green trees on their hills, down to the sea level the Ionian islands are a great sailing destination.
You will spend one week sailing around Lefkas island and the islets nearby, such as Meganissi, Kalamos, Kastos, and Atokos, with beautiful bays for anchorage for your catamaran sailboat. These destinations offer the ideal landscape for easy going and relaxing holidays.

  • sailing in Ionian isles means myriad of small, protected bays and islets, beautiful villages and unique environment

  • the sailing legs are not very long, ideal for the beginners or for sailing holidays in Greece for families, leaving you plenty of time to enjoy your sailing cruise, swimming and relaxing under the summer sun.

  • the early arrivals at the islands give you the opportunity to walk or drive around in order to explore the unique scenery.


  • Islands hopping: Lefkas(Vathi), Meganissi – Kalamos – Kastos- Atokos- Vathi(Ithaka)- Sivota, Lefkas- Lefkada(Vathi)
  • Duration: 7 days
  • Suggested for: Couples and friends sailing, Family Sailing adventure, honeymoon
  • Dates you can do this trip: May, June, July, August, September, October
  • Max sailing time per day: 2-3 hours
  • Miles in total: 80
  • Sailboats you can pick: Lagoon38 catamaran



sailing ionian islands


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Map for Your Sailing Vacations in the Ionian Islands

Route info

Day 1: Lefkada – Meganisi

You will begin your excursion from the port of Lefkas and travel south to the islet of Meganissi. It needs alert to cross the channel, because of constrained profundity. From that point onward, the islet of Megannissi lies 6 miles toward the south. This territory is generally an interesting field for cruising, as the breeze is forced inside Lefkas, Meganissi and the terrain and dependably comes somewhat more grounded, yet without huge waves in this protected region. You will have a great cruising time, either downwind (toward the south) or upwind.
At the Megannisi islet, you can find a large number of protected bays just to anchor. You can berth in the port of Vathi, a quiet bay with few taverns, a perfect place for a romantic time

Day 2: Meganisi – Kalamas

You will left early and sail towards the islet of Kalamas. You will find a lot of place for swimming, open bay, and white sand. As you will reach the Kalamas you will head south in order to find a protected bay. You should expect to have a wonderful afternoon and an overnight stay in a beautiful landscape.

Day 3: Kalamos – Kastos

After a relaxing coffee and breakfast in on the boat, set sail to the nearby islet of Kastos – only a couple of hours away, toward the south-east. Make a stop on the northern bays of the islet. Although you may sail in the busy period you may not find anyone sails in the same area. Again, a wonderful landscape will be revealed: turquoise waters for swimming, colorful trees on the island, and wild goats! At the evening we sailed to berth in the port of Kastos. Enjoy a relaxing dinner in the small village

Day 4: Kastos – Atokos

The 4th day you will sail towards the Isle of Atokos. Prepared for a unique sense of peace and beauty. The island rises like an extinct volcano (which it may well be) from the ocean bed and is mostly rocky and steep-to around its coasts. There is one bay on the SE side, popularly known as One House Bay, which is the only suitable anchorage for an overnight stop – and that in settled weather only. There are no facilities on the island whatsoever. If you are looking for a day-stay for lunch and an exceptional snorkeling (and scuba) experience, the Cliff Bay on the SSE side is the place you will remember for a long time. The east side of Cliff Bay is unspoiled, often very little visited, exceptionally clear water with turquoise water over large spots of the fine sandy seabed. Go as close as possible due to anchoring depth.

Day 5: Atokos – Ithaki(Vathi)
After overnight in Atokos, we continue your sailing tour for Ithaca island. Leaving behind the rich flora on the hills of Atokos later in the afternoon we head to the port of Ithaca, in the picturesque bay of Vathi. If there is a prevailing western afternoon wind in the port, we may berth at the western side of the port. Dinner at the restaurants with fish is a must

Day 6: Ithaki(Vathi)- Syvota(Leykada)
Heading north towards our next destination Syvota we will pass the island of Arkoudi. A stop for swimming and lunch is a must here. Amazing landscape!, as the form of the white, shiny rocks slide from the hills, sharp down to the sea level. Early in the afternoon, we arrive in Syvota Lefkadas. Syvota is a traditional and cute port perfect for a coffee and lunch. It’s one of the most picturesque harbors in the Ionian. Surrounded by green hills with olive groves and the sea to penetrate between them reminiscent of Scandinavian fjords, the village of Sivota rightly characterized as a traditional settlement. Sivota during the day resembles a quiet little village. When the nightfall comes it raises the rythm, as many sailboats and other vessels arriving in port.
Famous for its seaside fish taverns of the great variety of seafood!!

Day 7: Syvota Lefkadas – Lefkas

The last day is already here and we are ready to set sail to our last destination Lefkas. A hop of 16 n.m with amazing views as you pass a lot of islets like Skorpios, Sparti, Madouri. A lot of bays to explore and make the necessary stop for swimming and light lunch. Early in the afternoon, you will arrive in Lefkas. In our last evening, you will walk by the busy port and had dinner in one of the many restaurants. Early the next morning you will be ready to disembark. A wonderful sailing cruise in the beautiful Ionian islands had come to an end as well as the farewell time…

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