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Chapels of the Cyclades

2017-06-18T09:28:02+03:00June 18th, 2017|sailing greece tips, sailing vacation tips|

Bleached by the Greek sun, sometimes alongside the wave and sometimes perched on a mountain top or hidden among rocks and dense vegetation, our chapels are of unique beauty and familiarity of Greek landscapes. Below the umbrella of our blue sky, the white-white chapels stand [...]

Greece private sailing charter with skipper

2018-04-29T20:52:25+03:00February 2nd, 2017|sailing greece tips, sailing vacation tips|

What is summer vacation for you? Looking for historical sites? For a holiday that does not harm the environment, or simply you are a world traveler? In my opinion vacation is a time that will make you calm but at the same time gives you [...]

Fact, Myth or Urban Legend for sailing cruises in the Greek isles

2016-12-31T22:19:41+03:00December 31st, 2016|sailing greece tips|

How easy is for someone to go for a private sailing trip in the Greek islands? Are there myths or urban legends about a sailing cruise for you and your mate, your family or your friends? No 1. Myth: I cannot go for a sail [...]

Greek yacht cruise as an alternative to hotel vacations

2016-12-22T11:41:51+03:00November 27th, 2016|sailing greece tips, sailing vacation tips|

What comes in your mind when you are thinking about a private Greece yacht cruise? That cruising is costly? That somebody needs exceptional aptitudes or learning? That you require a certification? Most of people are more acquainted with vacations in a hotel. Also, they think [...]

Pregnant on a private charter sailing cruise in Cyclades

2016-11-27T19:17:51+03:00October 26th, 2016|sailing greece tips, sailing vacation tips|

A pregnancy doesn't need to stop your private skippered sailing holiday – first mates expecting an infant can appreciate time on a a private sailing boat with a few safety measures On the off chance that you are an ardent boater that is prepared to [...]

Traveller’s sailing vacation stories in the Greek islands, a day travelogue

2018-04-29T20:51:28+03:00August 22nd, 2016|reviews|

  Day 5 of life on the sea. Today we went to another great cove and did some more snorkeling where Sophie spotted a crazy long fish with a big long nose, unfortunately I missed it as I was too busy looking at a rusty [...]