What do you need for a Greek sailing holiday with kids?

A sailing trip with a sailboat or catamaran is a great opportunity for children and adults to live some days without tablets or other electronic devices. We all experience in our everyday routine a dependence from the internet and cell phones and all we wish to get rid of this addiction. Onboard it is possible to run out of battery or to have problems with the net connection. This is the perfect situation to be more energetic and leave yourself free to enjoy the sea and the sun. Also, the kids are more likely to develop an interaction with the sea and play on board other types of games. Furthermore, family activities like group diving or fishing help families to get closer.

Although a sailing trip is a vacation trip for pleasure, safety is above all. Keep in mind some rules in order to ensure that you will have the time of your life, a trip to remember. 

  1. Not long sailing distances. Greek island hopping is ideal but is also very tiring. An itinerary well planned will give you the chance to visit many islands with short sailing. The weather is a major factor for a safe trip along the islands. The skipper can adjust the route and anchor the boat in coves without wind. Secret buys are in all islands for swimming away from the crowds. There are many choices in the Cyclades in case children want to do water sport or if you want to spend time in a cosmopolitan atmosphere.
  2. Set free from net and devices. Sailing is a perfect time to be in touch with nature. Leave your mind free, your senses open, leave behind all devices and meet the real life of the islanders. Taste the sea, smell the summer breeze, visit the archaeological sites and enjoy the unique nature of the islands.
  1. choose a large boat. A family with children needs space in order to be able to play, do sunbathe, eat on board or to cover the deck with sea toys.
  1. Organize a first aid kit for families. Remember to take with your medicines and medical provision for seasickness and light injuries. The captain is familiar with first aid care and he can give you helpful advice. In the case of seasickness, it is better to stay calm on the open deck under the fresh wind.
  2. Protection from sun and water. Under the hot sun and when someone swims for long needs to be hydrated. Make sure that your children drink water all the time. Also, it is important to use sunblock intensively and wear sunglasses and hats. Additionally, children are better to wear light color t-shirts. 
  1. Life vests. Children under 12 years old are really safe on the deck or when they swim only if they wear life vests.  Kids should know the function of all parts of the vessel.
  1. kids as sailors. A really fun trip with a sailboat includes some time of sailing by the guests. Children along with their parents and their skipper when they get familiar with the sailing procedure have fun and remember this trip forever. Kids imagine that they are great sailors on an adventurous journey. Give them work to do and involve them with the sailing. This is the best way to make them love sea and boats and recognize a sailing trip as a unique trip.
  1. Strong waves and scare. Waves may be fun for parents on board but they can be very scary for small children. Be ready to comfort their fear by explaining to them that the skipper knows how to manage the boat and that they are totally safe.
  1. Water sports. Water sports are available almost on any beach in the Greek islands. Obey all the safety rules and enjoy the sport you like.
  1. Diving. Explore the bottom of the Greek sea with your children. Use snorkeling equipment and meet the coral reefs, the shipwrecks and the rich fauna of the seafloor. Children love to be underwater and feel like the aqua heroes of the animations.
  1. Friends. Kids need the company even during the holiday. A friend is always a good idea for playing and activities on the boat. 
  1. Children’s supervision. Always keep an eye on your kids when you are on deck or when the children swim. Children are not allowed to run on the deck or go to the front of the boat. 
  1. Time with your family. Time onboard with your kids is quality time with them. It is for sure a great chance to play all together, to communicate, to have fun without the pressure of everyday life. People build deep relationships and develop strong feelings when they live exceptional experiences and when they dedicate time to each other. That is exactly a sail journey, a trip in the Greek islands the ideal scenery for vacation.

A guide for a family sailing trip in Greece


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