The most exciting moment for people on a sailboat is for sure when they wake up in lonesome bays on uninhabited small islands.

There, between night time and sunrise you feel fear and exultation all at the same time, a feeling coming by the sense to be alone along with the rocks, the sea and the night. If you sleep on the deck with a black mosquito net above your face you will feel like you are in an undefined age, a totally metaphysical sense you get only on a sailboat.

Although Greeks are close to the sea their life is glued to the urban lifestyle. They use to travel by ship in order to transfer their car to the Aegean islands and they also transfer there their habits. As a result, what symbolizes their car in the winter symbolizes their yacht in summer. People with an average income hire a yacht and rich people have their own craft, all they want to sail the sea and feel free for a while.

No matter what kind of vessel you use all you need in the Aegean sea is a good boat machine, a canopy, and an experienced skipper. In the Aegean sea, you will see many yachts with young trouble-free people or elder persons on a catamaran. You will meet even people who live on a sailboat all year time and they travel all the time. People that love their boat, know how to sail it and do all its service.

It is also possible to meet luxury yachts that belong to significant businessmen. On the deck, you will recognize famous politicians, athletes, models, and journalists. The worst that could happen if you are on a sailboat, is to anchor near a luxury yacht and live through the noise of their air conditions.

All sailboats look beautiful on the blue sea, some of them are especially beautiful with white sails and wood. The small ones are closer to the sailing spirit, their speed capacity is lower, the surface of the sea is close, you feel the wind, you move by the power of the wind, you listen to the summer breeze and you are there with all your senses ready to accept the gift of the nature that will compensate you when the dolphins show up next you. Good captains talk and whistle to the dolphins in order to keep them near to the boat. After that, all you have to do is to dive into the crystal waters and feel part of the scene.