Paros sunset

Paros Sunset

A typical post – card coming from Greece is a picture of white island villages next to an amazing sea or a glorious archaeological place or a table full of traditional Greek specialties. If you believe that all these are only a dream image of Greece you can try to reach the real Greek paradise by a sail trip to the Greek islands. Travelling on a sailboat you have the opportunity to meet the most beautiful and authentic islands in a trip and to experience the perfect contact   with the nature and the Greek way of life away from the big cities.

Bellow, I will suggest you the main departure areas for a sailing cruise. You can start your trip from Aegean, Argoasaronic, Ionian and Gulf of Corinth. All destinations share the perfect sea, fantastic beaches approachable only by boat and unique beauties under the Greek sun.

Sailing in the Cyclades on the Aegean Sea.

Cyclades are the most famous islands in Greece, well known for the white houses, the small churches with the blue dome and the most blue seas in the world. The landscape of the islands is characteristic , dry, with rocks exposed to the strong sun and wind. As a result the flora and fauna is limited consisted by wild species that endure under those circumstances. that’s why they are so special with strong scents and flavors, matching perfectly in this unique scenery.

As base for a sailing trip in Cyclades is Paros, a Cycladic island almost in the centre of Aegean Sea. There is a large variety on itinerary options according to your wishes. You can choose a peaceful route around small islands like Small Cyclades and enjoy the sea, the peace and the sun, you can combine beautiful beaches and an intense night life by sailing around Paros, Ios or Myconos. You can also visit significant archaeological sites  in a route including Delos, Amorgos, Naxos and Sifnos. A sailing vacation offers easy island hopping , so you can experience a cosmopolitan vacation and a more sophisticated vacation time.  A route choice is also depending on the weather, especially the wind.  Skippers are really experienced and they will give you the best option for a pleasant cruise even when the weather doesn’t seem to be your ally.


In the Argoasaronic area belong the islands that are near Athens and at the east of the Peloponnese coast. The most important sailing destination is : Hydra, Aegina, Spetses, Poros and Epidavros.  These islands are ideal for sailing because of the weather of the area. The wind is usually light and the islands can be easily approached by boat. That’s the reason why a sailing cruise around the Argasaronic Gulf is easy even in the early spring months or during autumn. Here sailors will enjoy clean blue seas and green forests. The villages on these islands are decorated with beautiful, regally houses and buildings. Restaurants and tavernas offer the best from the richness of the sea.  

Sailing base where a sailing trip starts is Alimos or Lavrio in Athens.

Athens as a sailing base offers also the opportunity to explore the ancient ruins in Peloponnese.  You will have the chance to see  famous ancient open theatre of Epidavros,  to visit the Mycenae – the home land of the great heroes of Iliad Agamemnon  and Menelaus, the birth place of the significant Mycenaean Civilization- the ancient Olympia where the ancient Olympics used to take place and southern to walk around the Byzantine alleys and towers in Mystra and Monemvasia or to visit Nafplion and feel the Venetian sense of the city. A trip around Argasaronic is a trip to history along with the joy of the Greek sea and sun

Ionian islands and Corinthian Gulf

Ionian islands are situated in the west side of the Greek coasts. There the sailing is a favorite choice for summer vacation because the routes and the weather are really favorable  for a cruise. There are not long sailing routes between  islands and the wind is usually light.

In the Ionian islands the impact of the nearby country Italy is obvious.  The Venetian capture of these island for centuries gave them a special character which is reflected in their architecture ,in their mentality and in their gastronomy.

The main sailing bases in Ionian are at Corfu and at Lefkas. Starting from these bases you can visit Kefalonia, Zalynthos, Paxi, Ithaca or the Corinthian costs. The most wonderful and with international prizes beaches are waiting for you in Lefkas, Kegalonia and in Zakynthos.

In the Corinthian Gulf there is the Gulf of Amphilochia and the gulf of Corinth. Amphilochia is near the port of Preveza and near to very important wetland.

Corinth , follows the way of the Rhio Bridge to the cities of Lepanto, ancient Corinth and Delphi.

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