An integral and creative part of our lives are the dilemmas because they give rise to a particular reasoning of two or more opposing sides that lead to the choice of the ideal outcome. In the travel area, one of the dilemmas is: ship or hotel break? In the case of the chosen boat, there are a number of other dilemmas such as Motorized or sailing? Monohull or catamaran? A small boat or big? Captain or without?

Below are some fixed parameters and information on sailing holidays to trigger the comparison process and help strengthen the subjective view in order to make the most appropriate movement – or at least the most appropriate.
The first taken into account is the marine environment. There is no doubt that the best way to approach Greece’s Polynesia, with countless beautiful beaches, is a boat.

Conventional vacation modes in a hotel, apartment or villa are not able to reveal in the same way the magical images of the sea. On the other hand, they offer comfort through mainly artificial means such as a swimming pool or a jacuzzi, which for many is a way of life.

To solve this first dilemma by lovers of warmth, it is good to take into account the challenge of new experience, which is no other than the use of a boat. It is enough to compare two images: the first one will include a villa with all the amenities and comforts that give a ‘living’ livelihood. The second image will include a boat crossing the endless sea and heading for white beaches with turquoise water.

By comparing the two images, everyone is able to make their own choice, knowing of course that they will pay the appropriate price.

After the answer to the first dilemma, and in the hypothetical case where the boat holidays are chosen, the next question to be answered is the following: How much does it cost?

At this point, perhaps a misunderstood view has been created, which needs rehabilitation and claims that boat vacations are expensive. This is untrue and we should emphasize that prices have a ratio to the other types of holiday.

By working on a thorough analysis, the cost for a relatively new monohull sailing boat that sleeps eight people in June is about 600 euros per day. This includes taxes, a professional skipper, and fuel for four hours of machine operation. With a simple division, the cost per person per day is 75€. Correspondingly, if a couple searches for a decent hotel room on one of the islands, they will immediately realize that the cost per person per day is in the range of 75€

In conclusion, we find that renting the boat per day is a choice of at least the same cost as a hotel. Of course, in order to properly assess the data, some additional parameters have to be taken into account, which has to do with what each option offers separately.

About the expense, a hotel offers essentially a base and some amenities, depending on its category. Beyond that, extra costs are appreciated, but they are unpredictable since anything you do in this area should be considered as an extra cost. From a coffee in the pool area, renting sports grounds, meals and drinks to be consumed, and so on. Up to its transportation costs, whether it is the costs of using or renting a car or the costs of going to the various beaches. These costs can greatly increase the initial budget.

Those who rent a boat can more accurately determine the holiday budget in advance since the costs of hiring the boat, the skipper of fuel and certain supplies are known. For example, passengers can be selected to take all the meals on board by limiting the cost.

With the use of a boat, there is little travel costs, since one can move and change a location by transporting all of its stuff together, without tedious moves. Even swimming, which in other cases can be a whole adventure or hassle, is a quick matter to the boat without even creating a need for the transport of equipment such as umbrellas, mats, and refrigerators.

What is ideal, however, is direct access to the sea. And because the detail makes the difference, after bathing, passengers do not have to suffer the hassle of cleaning the sand. The pictures of the entrance to the car that usually boils (after first having towed in the seats) and the search for a restaurant without a lot of people before returning to the hotel to get rid of the annoying salt, are now not a problem.

On the boat, immediately after swimming, passengers can remove the salt on the outside shower and then sit under the coolness of the tent, with the kitchen nearby to find an appetizer.

Important factors are also the choices one can have, but also the independence. Depending on its temperament, anyone can choose between remote deserts or the most cosmopolitan destinations. Or it can combine both. For example, he can choose Mykonos as the main destination, while also having the opportunity to visit Koufonissia, this small island with enchanting, exotic beaches.

For fishing enthusiasts, boat vacations are ideal as they offer them the opportunity to practice their favorite activity in various ways, either by trawl, by line or by snorkeling.

Types of vessels

As is well known, two are mainly the types of boats for rent, motor

As is well known, two are mainly the types of boats for rent, motor boats, and sailing boats. As far as motor boats are concerned, they are the most luxurious type, but unfortunately, their cost varies in high levels as they consume a large amount of fuel. In recent years, inflatable rental companies have also emerged at a cost to more affordable levels. The most common boats for rent are sailboats. With the main means of propulsion the

The most common boats for rent are sailboats. With the main means of propulsion the sails, the cost of fuel is almost nullified while their spaces are decent offering a high level of comfort. In the case of catamaran selection, living on the boat is very comfortable given the really large dimensions of the main deck. This type of boat offers great comfort and high speeds but less security in the event of a seashore, so it is best to rent it in a quiet area such as Small Cyclades.

A Few reasons for renting

In our country there are many companies but also individuals who are professionally engaged in renting a boat. For their legal cover, at least two of the occupants must have a master boat license. Of course, this is required if there is a desire to charter the boat without a crew (bareboat). There is, of course, the possibility of the boat being accompanied by a skipper, who is hired either through the company or the owner of the boat. It can also be independent, making it an individual choice.

The cost of a professional captain per day is in the range of 150 euros. This choice has several advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage is that (theoretically at least) the captain will have a lot of experience on board matters, he will know the harbors and the prevailing conditions, and he will generally be able to sail the boat safely. The downside is that there will be someone in the boat with whom passengers will not have much intimacy. Thus, to a great extent, the success of the holidays will also depend on the captain’s personality and disposition. Surely, the bigger the boat, the easier it is to live together. However, there are usually no serious problems.
Hiring a captain does not mean that passengers will not sail if they so wish. Instead, they can deal with what they want on the boat, such as sail handling, steering, shipping, with the security of surveillance by an experienced person. Indeed, it would be good for passengers in difficult situations or during anchor in a port to be on deck and help as they can.

Selection of the period

The right choice of the season is directly intertwined with the choice of the area. But this is a problem only if you rent a sailing boat without a skipper. If there is an experienced skipper who knows the area, you can sail from May to October Finally, at this point we have to make a reminder. Apart from the weather theme in relation to the experience of the crew, the period also determines to a large extent the cost of the charter.