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What Is There To See On Naxos

2018-01-31T18:39:28+03:00January 25th, 2018|Minor Cyclades trip, sailing greece tips, sailing vacation tips|

They say that Zeus grew up and lived his childhood on this island, but most of us have linked Naxos to the myth of Ariadne. East of Paros, Naxos, the largest island of the Cyclades with its almost round shape and a coastline of 148 [...]

Chapels of the Cyclades

2017-06-18T09:28:02+03:00June 18th, 2017|sailing greece tips, sailing vacation tips|

Bleached by the Greek sun, sometimes alongside the wave and sometimes perched on a mountain top or hidden among rocks and dense vegetation, our chapels are of unique beauty and familiarity of Greek landscapes. Below the umbrella of our blue sky, the white-white chapels stand [...]

Greece private sailing charter with skipper

2018-04-29T20:52:25+03:00February 2nd, 2017|sailing greece tips, sailing vacation tips|

What is summer vacation for you? Looking for historical sites? For a holiday that does not harm the environment, or simply you are a world traveler? In my opinion vacation is a time that will make you calm but at the same time gives you [...]

Greek yacht cruise as an alternative to hotel vacations

2016-12-22T11:41:51+03:00November 27th, 2016|sailing greece tips, sailing vacation tips|

What comes in your mind when you are thinking about a private Greece yacht cruise? That cruising is costly? That somebody needs exceptional aptitudes or learning? That you require a certification? Most of people are more acquainted with vacations in a hotel. Also, they think [...]

Pregnant on a private charter sailing cruise in Cyclades

2016-11-27T19:17:51+03:00October 26th, 2016|sailing greece tips, sailing vacation tips|

A pregnancy doesn't need to stop your private skippered sailing holiday – first mates expecting an infant can appreciate time on a a private sailing boat with a few safety measures On the off chance that you are an ardent boater that is prepared to [...]

Keros islands with a private yacht charter in Greece

2020-07-29T07:32:46+03:00May 10th, 2016|Minor Cyclades trip, sailing greece tips, sailing vacation tips|

5000 of greek history obviously there was a cradle in this country,a place where all begun. Before Delos became a massive cultural center dedicated to Apollo, even before the thriving and unknown culture of Thira(Santorini)the now desert island of Keros was the ultimate sacred island [...]

Why island life is closer than you think

2015-11-24T21:47:30+03:00September 22nd, 2015|sailing vacation tips|

Minor Cyclades Next time you scan that glossy display of travel brochures, don't let your eye wander away from The Small Cyclades Islands in Greece. Often misunderstood and rarely given the attention they deserve because they are sandwiched between the more well-packaged destinations like Mykonos [...]