A catamaran is by definition a cruising yacht. It is famous for a fast and safe cruise can offer in any kind of sea. It has a small draft and it is easy
handling. Let’s see the advantages that make them unbeatable if you compare it with other yachts. 

  • What about the cruise of a catamaran?

Because of it’s wide and the two floats that it has, during sailing it does not leans but it sails straight ahead like a big boat does, as a result, passengers feel safe and enjoy the trip.

  • Is a catamaran suitable for a passenger without previous sailing experience?

It’s ideal because as we describe above (thanks to the way it is designed) it is safe and reliable during the trip.

  • How fast are cruising catamarans?

A catamaran has a small draft, consequentially slides fast and softly on the water and travels quickly and with safety.

  • Are catamarans safe yachts?

It is one of the safest sailboats ( class A), in fact, it is unsinkable, all-weather, capable to sail on the oceans. The two engines ( one in each hull) guarantees a safe arrival to the port. Additionally, the two engines give to the boat flexibility to approach even in the most inaccessible bays. This kind of boats can reach every dreamy beach in order for passengers to enjoy a spectacular view and swim.

  • Is catamaran comfortable boat?

A catamaran is the synonym of comfort. It offers spacious areas inside and outside. It’s large enough for 10 persons with all the leisure into the commodious cabins and in the salons (two) which are situated in the center of the boat and offer a panoramic view. In the spacious decks are everywhere relax areas and areas for sunbathing.

  • Does a catamaran offer privacy?

Yes, because the cabins are on the sides of the hulls and the bathrooms are in the middle, this design ensures the privacy and the quietness of the guests.

Catamaran belongs to the future….that’s why catamaran has the most faithful fans.

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