What comes in your mind when you are thinking about a private Greece yacht cruise? That cruising is costly? That somebody needs exceptional aptitudes or learning? That you require a certification?

Most of people are more acquainted with vacations in a hotel. Also, they think leasing an auto or a bicycle to investigate the Greek islands. Few, truly have as a primary concern how precisely they can rent a sailing boat, that is truly affordable in price, and that a cruising excursion with a private sailing boat with skipper (particularly in Greece) is a genuinely one of a kind ordeal contrasted with staying in a middle priced hotel in every island they visit.

In this article we can see from multiple points of view how cruising get-away is superior to staying at hotels and rooms.

If you take a look at our Tripadvisor page, a hefty portion of our clients referred to their one of a kind adventure that they have lived by charter one of our sailing yachts.
Check some of the reasons why you additionally must think a yacht cruise as an alternative to your vacations in the Greek islands:

1.The view from the room will never be such flawless as it is onboard. When you wake up in your hotel, you need to find the place to have a great view of the horizon. On a cruising watercraft this is a default. You will get breakfast on deck and the view will dependably be there. You have to pick where to grapple during the evening, so as to get up in the morning and be remunerated by the view. You need to see the dawn? There will be! You need to have no sun? Yes you can.

2. With a cruising vessel you can get to a port or a shoreline without holding up, searching to park like hundreds others, or looking for a spot to put your umbrella. On a sailing boat you can travel to secluded coves. Isn’t this a luxury kind of vacation!

3. You have many options on how to spend your time on sailing vacation compared to traditional ways of holidays. The way you do even the most simple activities in your holidays acquires freedom. You do not have to fear that you are going to start doing something boring or something to be disappointed. All the plans are in your hand:

  • keep your cabin clean
  • organize your meals and discover the Greek cuisine
  • read your favorite books
  • learn how to read the sailing maps and compass
  • practice on rope knots
  • have a drink on the boat
  • write on your blog
  • create a message in the bottle
  • play a bit of the guitar
  • do yoga on board
  • write a postcard from each island you visit
  • learn about the stars
  • get a tan on the deck

4. You reach more places and destinations than staying in a hotel room. Someone who book a hotel in a greek island he usual searches to book also a tour with a boat in order to reach distant beaches that unreachable by car or bike. Thinking of the whole vacation budget, we can say that this is not a negligible cost. With your own sailing boat you do not need this service, and you can enjoy your daily trips without crowding and suffering.
5. You take the kitchen with you. this is important if you are thinking the cost of the meals but also in case you have kids on board with special requirements. Fresh ingredients can make you a great cook. Search the local shops and enjoy a fresh cost free meal.

6. You control better your spending. As we said in the previous bullet, you can cook on the boat and save the money would be needed for all the meals and dinners in restaurants. You can also save money from the rental of car or motorbike you would need if you were in a hotel to reach all the beaches. At the sailing boat you will need only the wind, and some bucks for the diesel.Furthenore you can save money you would spend for coffees and drinks to watch the sunset. You are 24h connected to the nature and you can have a drink on the deck staring the sunset for free.

7. A real life excursion you are going to remember. You will get experiences that you would not be able to do by staying at hotel room. You will discover breathtaking locations not reachable by land? Sailing will help you involve with the nature. You will really discover simplicity and authenticity.
8. An eco friendly vacation. If you are thinking more about the enviroment, a sailing trip is by far enviromental friendly way to explore the places. No AC’s in the hotel rooms, no cars to explore the hidden places, and just little diesel to make your island hopping.