Sailing In September & October in Greek Islands

The end of August sees the hordes of summer holiday makers pack up and head home. What they leave behind are the Turquoise waters of the Greek Islands which in September and October are the warmest, smoothest and quietest of the year. For someone looking to try sailing for the first time, or seeking more peace and tranquility than the peak season can offer, then this time of year is the best for your sailing holidays in Greece.

  • With the summer northerly winds abating, this time of year is ideal for sailing the Greek Islands. Our experienced Captains will be able to plot a course that moderates exposure to the winds and swells to cater perfectly to your preferences.
  • The enduring summer sun means the sea temperatures around the Greek Islands are the warmest for the year.
  • The daily air temperature is lower compared to peak summer which means hiking, bike riding, and other on-island activities can be enjoyed with greater comfort. It also bodes well for a great night’s sleep aboard your yacht, after enjoying some of the fine food and wine this region has to offer.
  • The first clouds of the season start to form and create a dramatic contrast with the islands, the architecture and the crystal clear waters of the Aegean Sea.
  • Whilst our Captains know of all the best-protected coves to drop anchor for a secluded swim or a picturesque meal on deck, this time of year affords an even greater level of seclusion and peace with fewer people holidaying in the area.
  • Last but not least if a budget is important, this time of year(as well as May and June), offers better value starting with our yachts. Flights, transfers and any add-on accommodation are typically cheaper versus the peak season of July and August, so your next sailing holiday to the Greek Islands could be a lot cheaper than you first thought.

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