COVID -19 is responsible for restrictions that have been imposed by governments all over the world.

Still, sailing vacation in Greece is the best choice for summer 2020, the after pandemic summer, because :

  • Greek islands are a safe area, an area where COVID -19 had almost zero cases.
  • A sailing trip is a private cruise. That means you are not obliged to follow the protection rules about coronavirus (not to use a mask, to keep distances e.t.c.)
  • Our clients can travel freely from island to island by their private, rented boat. In other cases, they should wait in long queues where travelers stay, in order to keep distances from the rest of travelers. Also, they should wear a mask, check their temperature and be anxious all the time if the people around them are positive in coronavirus.
  • Your boat during a sailing trip is your home and your base for many activities like fishing, windsurf – kitesurf, diving, all from your deck with private equipment away from the crowds and the risk of contracting COVID -19
  • Before you embark the boat is cleaned and sanitized carefully according to the most strict rules about disinfection and with the most effective products. All necessary stuff will be available on boat (antiseptic gels, nitrilium gloves, masks …)
  • You can maintain the control of all areas you will probably touch, you can disinfect them directly and be sure that there isn’t any possibility to get COVID -19. Besides all the boat belongs to your family or your company and other people can be restricted from your boat.
  • You will spend most of your time in the open space, out of the cabins, on deck, on a beach, or in the water.
  • A sailing route around Greek islands can be organized in order to visit small islands, not famous touristic destinations where you will not meet crowded beaches, restaurants, or cafes. Those islands look like a perfect paradise but they are at the same time a beautiful cover for a careless vacation.