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Many have visited Paros, but few know about this Cycladic Island.

When I was young I got there in the first holidays after high school. I went to Parikia, to Kolibithres and Gold Coast, and then I took the ferry back.

In other words, Paros fooled me. Gave me the tour that gives to visitors in August and sent me home.

It took several years to return. Almost by accident, I got to Paros after a few years as a teacher. I feel that I didn’t pick Paros but she picked me through a chain of coincidences.

Paros for me is the female scenery. These sandy curves of hills with swords, the reeds, the «immortals», the vines and prickly. I’m not a man of wild beauty and vertical rocks. Paros is for guys like me. Soft dismemberment, fairground, and a circular road run around the island, following the circular shape. And the beaches, one as a continuation of the other, with sandy beaches, and open waters.

paros beaches

But when you learn the Paros, you know where the most expensive diamonds are: Lageri Beach, Farragas, in Marcello and in the bays to the left and right of Santa Maria. In these beaches, you dive and are feeling that you are baptizing again.
In this island, all colors are a couple tons lighter. From the soil, the sand and the sea to the subsoil, which produce the most transparent of all the marbles in the world, the famous Blue Stone. With this marble was sculpted the Venus de Milo, the Hermes of Praxiteles, the Victory of Samothrace. The ancient quarries are located in the village of Marathi.


paros marble

Paros is a set of miracles, and every miracle passes (and) from the stomach. The tourist development has not dissipated … tasty. The tomato smell tomato, Octopus has that deep scent in a few places in Greece anymore meet.

If you are looking for a holiday on the island of Paros, try to explore not only the places that exist in the tourist guides but try to discover the true beauties of the island. These beauties that made me still live on this island, 12 years after the first time I came here.

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