sailing greek islandsSailing Greek islands

Imagine the perfect holidays at summer time. Usually in a scenario like this our mind goes to sandy beaches, cocktails, games at sea and luxury hotels. But thinking of this picture we are realizing that all these seem to be just like our last holiday time or those they seem a little bit boring or very predictable.

Charter a boat in Greece from a reliable company that will offer you the time of your life. The Greek islands are a dreamy destination for every summer visitor. Sailing the Greek islands ensures that you will be able to visit many of them in a relatively short time (a week, 10 days or more).

Especially for families it’s an excellent choice that gives to you and your children the touch with the natural environment and the joy of sea – compare this experience with that of swimming in a big hotel’s pool. Except of this you will feel the real sense of freedom in a trip like this, that flows from the fact that you are in a private boat only with the persons you like, into a perfect scenario, where everything depend on your mood or your personal choices. Although you can explore a primitive way of life you are free as well to enjoy luxury living circumstances in the boat or in the islands you’re going to visit. The staff of the sail boat can organize any type of holidays you would wish and plan any type of itinerary you would choose. In any case first priority is your safety and pleasant.

In every Greek island you might visit a special atmosphere and different events, activities or even natural beauties are waiting for you. Hidden beaches, local food, traditional festivals and modern facilities are some of the attractions of the Greek islands.

During your sailing on the Greek islands you will sleep in the boat with the lullaby of the sea waves and the song of the sea birds. During the day you can attempt to catch fish or swim in the middle of the Mediterranean sea or visit the most beautiful beach that is inaccessible by road. Also you can find again the touch with the nature, away from the stressful cities and obtain a real connect with your family, spending time together. Explore the new places by hiking, go see the sights or just relax in cafe, restaurant, spa center or organized beach. There are also festivities for all ages and members of the family like music concerts, theatrical performances for adults or for children, summer cinemas etc. That’s why sailing the Greek Islands is an ideal choice especially for family sailing holidays in Greece