How easy is for someone to go for a private sailing trip in the Greek islands? Are there myths or urban legends about a sailing cruise for you and your mate, your family or your friends?

No 1.

Myth: I cannot go for a sail cruise because i have never sailed before.
Fact:  Sailing trips are for everyone. Skippered yacht charter is a perfect choice if you want to discover the Greek isles.Your skipper can sail you to your islands and get you familiar with the yacht.

No 2.

Myth: Private sailing cruises are expensive

Fact: In fact sailing cruises are cheaper if you take into account the costs of ferries and overnight stay in a hotel in the different Greek isles that you will visit. The cost per person/ per day for a skippered charter can be as low as 105EUR for a group of 4 in low season.

No 3.

Myth: Sailing is dangerous as a vacation choice.

Fact: All your skipper has to do is to respect the weather. The boats are extremely safe and can go even without engine. The sailing yacht is the most stable vessel.

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No 4.

Myth: You can not rest on a sailboat

Fact: Hire a skipper and you will have nothing to do except relax, swim, read, and discover the places you will visit.

No 5

Myth: I can visit almost all the Greek isles in a 7 days sailing trip

Fact: You can visit 6, 7 isles in a sailing trip. The Greek islands are more than 2000!

No 6

Myth: Sailing yachts use a lot of diesel and does not respect the enviroment.

Fact: Sailing trips are in fact one of the most enviroment friendly way for vacations. A sailing yacht can use as low as 0 litres to travel between islands.


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