Minor Cyclades

Next time you scan that glossy display of travel brochures, don’t let your eye wander away from The Small Cyclades Islands in Greece.

Often misunderstood and rarely given the attention they deserve because they are sandwiched between the more well-packaged destinations like Mykonos and Santorini, these islands make up in natural beauty and authenticity what they may lack in showmanship.

In short – If you want a real Greek Islands Adventure, this is the trip for you.


Koufonisia-In a few words: Koufonissia are actually two islands, one close to the other, which make up the group of islands called The Small Eastern Cyclades. (or The Lesser Cyclades)

Location: They are located southeast of Naxos and west of the island of Amorgos. In the same group belongs the island Keros.

To See:  if we translate exactly the word Koufonissi into English we get “the deaf island”. As soon as you take your first steps onto the island you will sense that you are in a different dimension or that you have landed in paradise. You might also walk to Profitis Ilias, which affords an exquisite view of half the island and the surrounding islands. Keros was one of the centers of the Cycladic Culture (3000 -2000 b. c.), where excavations on the western end have yielded priceless finds, including 100 marble figurines.

To Do: Swim at the excellent beaches with sparkling aquamarine waters. Visit the cave of “To Mati Tou Diavolou” (The Devil’s Eye), Gala, and the sea caves at Xylobatis. Walk all around the islands. It’s the best way to explore the place on small footpaths. It’s also your only opportunity to forget your car and your watch…

To Eat – drink: “Captain Nicolas” is the best taverna in the Cyclades and with our recommendation, you are going to experience the very best of hospitality.


Iraklia-In a few words: Iraklia is another tiny island with less than 100 inhabitants. Iraklia is part of the “Small Cyclades” which is worth visiting, especially for those who want to experience tiny, quiet, cute and isolated places, which perfectly represent the Greek spirit.

Location: Just opposite Schinoussa and south of Naxos.

To See: Very interesting is the cave of Agios Georgios on the southwest side of the island. However, you will have to walk more than two hours from the port to visit it. The bay of Alimia, on the southwest coast, has a lovely beach and also a sunken battle plane from the Second World War, which is visible from the surface.

To Do: Here you can swim to the nearby beach, diving from the yacht and hiking around enjoying the pure nature.

To Eat – drink: Dinner on Iraklia means fresh fish.

How to come:

Take the ferry from Piraeus and then begin your sailing trip from Paros Island in the very center of The Cyclades.

If you start your charter from Paros, you will discover the “Real Cyclades”.

Visit Naxos, Koufonisia, Iraklia and Amorgos on your Greek Private Charter and enjoy your sailing cruise in Greece.