Cycladic islands have excellent climate , short distances and a very interesting landscape which make the cycling a perfect activity and an ideal choice to explore those islands. Visitors can combine a trip by a sailing boat with cycling. It is easy to rent a bike and take it with you on boat and in every stop to use it .

Here are some ideas and suggestions for cycling around the Cycladic islands.


Paros is not a flat island but the inclines are not hard. By bike you can enter into small roads where you can go only by foot or by bike. For the true lovers of the bike there are cycling paths and routes for all levels.

Here are some routes in Paros :

    1. Kostos – Isterni- Kostos 5,96 klm – easy
    2. Livadia Parikia- Agios Fokas 2,9 klm easy
    3. Livadia Parikia – Kalami – Kamares – Agios Ioanniw Detis, 23,07 klm medium
    4. Parikia – Kakapetra- Marathi 10,08 medium
    5. Parikia – Kamari – Ageria 11,48 medium
    6. Molos – Tsoukalia – Ambelas – Santa Maria 12,8 easy
    7. Leykes – Agios George – Leykes 12,8 hard
    8. Marathi – Ancient Quarries – Leykes 5,51 hard
    9. Byzantine Path – Marpissa 5,5 medium

Small island, easy for a bike rider. It is really delightful to cycle around the island and enjoy the nature and the summer breeze. Visit the Cave and don’t miss the view of the complex of
Despotikon islands.

The variety of the natural landscape, the good road network and the marked paths are some of the advantages for safe and pleasant cycling around Naxos.
There are routes for every kind of bike : racing, road or mountain bikes. Pick your route and start to explore the island.

The most interesting routes for every type of bicycle on sealed road are :

    1. Chora – Glinado – Sangri- Damaronas- Chalki- Potamia

For experienced bikers there are more difficult routes on sealed road :

    1. Chora – Eggares – Apollon – Mesi- Skado – Apiranthos – Filoti- Chalki-Galanado – Chora
      For mountain bikers :
    2. Chora – Archaeological site of Irion – Vivlos – Sagri- Agiassos – Pyrgaki –Kastraki – Mikri Vigla – Vivlow- Glynado – Chora
      The beauty of the island offers exciting paths designed for cycling.

Schinoussa – Iraklia (Minor Cyclades)
Real small islands with gorgeous beaches which can be visited by bike.

A flat island , tiny really accessible only by bike. An ecological paradise for sailors and bikers.


A very beautiful island with a unique appearance. Easy for cycling in a fantastic scenery. Fabulous beaches , volcanic landscape and short distances ideal for bike lovers.


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