travelogue sailing the greek islandsDay 5 of life on the sea.
Today we went to another great cove and did some more snorkeling where Sophie spotted a crazy long fish with a big long nose, unfortunately I missed it as I was too busy looking at a rusty anchor at the bottom of the sea.
We then went to another cove where I had to tie a rope around a rock to steady the boat, the rock was covered in urchins and one spiked my hand giving me about 8 splinters, I think they were getting their own back as I have eaten their family over the last few days! ;-)
We tried some diving and I managed to swim down to 7 metres which may not sound like travelogue sailing the greek islandsalot but it’s bloody tough swimming down and back up holding your breath! I helped our skipper Antonis Biskentzis with various rope manevours at the port.
We had another great food recommendation where we had creamy potatoes, a pasta carbonara type dish, MORE GOAT and some tomato fritters. The restaurant was atop a hill and the view is in the photo below, stunning.
We have 1 more full day on the boat tomorrow with something very special planned for the evening. Antonis is a great guy and we both feel we have made a Greek friend for life.
Until tomorrow! Have a good evening all.