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Top 5 sailing destinations in Cyclades

/Top 5 sailing destinations in Cyclades
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Top 5 sailing destinations in Cyclades

Many islands in Greece and especially in the Cyclades group of islands in the Mediterranean sea compete for a place in this top five. Talking about Greece the country that is consisted of six thousands islands its very difficult to propose the best destinations for sailing vacations.

The Cyclades are on the top of this catalog because of the dreamy natural environment, the best climate for sailing, the winds, the safety that can offer in their bays and the excellent opportunities for adventure or relax isolated holidays. Sailing the Greek islands its definitely a memorable experience that can be stronger through island hopping in the middle of the Aegean pelages in Cyclades.

For a magical Cyclades sailing trip visit the islands we propose bellow :

1. Amorgos : one of the most interesting and unique islands not only in Cyclades but all around the world, because of its strange, pure and wild beauty. From the very first time that you step on the island you feel that you have passed through a time hole and you are in the past 50-60 years. Stones and rocks are dominant everywhere with small villages coming to add a white brushwork on the painting. Thousands of small chapels attest to the religiosity of the islanders.

2. Koufonissia : are actually two islands one close to the other, which are made the group of islands that called Small East Cyclades. If we translate exactly the word Koufonissi in English we get ”the deaf island. As soon as you take your first steps on the island you will sense that you are in a different dimension or that paradise really is here.

3. Paros : for most travelers at Cyclades, Paros is the most beautiful island of the area. Once you visit the island you fall in love with it and promise to come back again. Paros can satisfy the most demanding traveler. Gorgeous golden beaches all around the coast, traditional settlements, sports activities, nightlife for all interests are some of its characteristics.

4.Naxos : the biggest island in the area with hundreds of small and big villages.Naxos is a popular tourist destination with several easily accessible ruins and many beaches for any taste.

5.Santorini : a unique landscape due a volcanic eruption back at 1950, discrete black sand beaches and amazing night life, compose Santorini’s puzzle. Remember if you visit Santorini with a sailing boat one day is not enough. Plan to spend at least two nights during your booking for sailing holidays in Greece

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