In the southeastern of the Aegean Sea, it is situated the island group called the Cyclades; the smallest islands of this group constitute the “Minor Cyclades”. In the “Minor Cyclades” belong Donousa, Schinousa, Koufonisia, and Iraklia.

Donousa is a tiny island where permanently live only 150 residents. That is the major advantage of this place; it gives you the sense of a primitive, authentic location untouched from the modern way of life. There you can find a place that the tourist industry has not spoiled.  

Although when you made the decision to visit Donousa you were most probably prepared for a peaceful vacation without crowds and intense nightlife, that does not mean that you will get bored. The island is ideal for those who love instant contact with nature, sea, hiking, and tranquility.

The beaches

First of all, you should discover all the beautiful beaches and areas of the island. Most visitors choose the Stavros to stay, where the ferry dock station is located. A clean beach, with real blue water and powdery sand, waits for your first dive. At the afternoon visit the Church of Stavros an excellent sample of Aegean architecture with a unique blue dome. The church is dedicated to the protector saint of the island.    

Around the island, there are many beaches like Fokospilia, a sea cave known for its rare blue water and the corals. You approach this cave by boat. Near Mersini village is Livadi beach, there are many tiny beaches in the area of Kalotaritsa village. In addition, another one famous beach with soft sand and little pebbles is Kedros beach, a choice for young people or people who want to swim without the swimsuit.

If the weather is windy there are protected coves where you can enjoy swimming. In this case, you can choose between Sapounochora beach, Vlycho beach or Mesa Chora beach.

Walking and hiking

Because the island is so small is ideal for hiking. Hiking is the best way to get a real connection with the landscape of the island and feel the sense of the atmosphere. You can walk near the sea or around the villages, feel the sea breeze and smell the island flora.

Above all, when you walk in the narrow streets of the islands or in the paths out of the habitat area you realize the purity of the environment and how untouched and unspoiled is this place from the modern technical and industrial civilization. Is really a gift for the visitor who has the opportunity to experience what seems to be lost forever. In Messaria village suddenly you meet a natural spring with fresh cold potable water. Near there is a simple but formidable church, the church of Agia Sofia. The tradition is all around, in the architecture, in the way of life in the food and the local people. There are 5 trails marked with signs.

Food and drinks

Besides these, there are restaurants and café where you can taste local plates next to sea or drink a local wine or raki while you take delight in the beautiful sunsets or the panoramic view of the surrounding islands of Naxos, Schinousa, and Iraklia.

Donousa is an excellent choice for those who want an escape from the routine of daily life or from predictable vacation.


May the road rise up to meet you. 

May the wind always be at your back

May the sun shine warm upon your face, and rains fall soft upon your fields.


Make the decision to meet the ultimate summer destination.