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We sailed on the Andreas for 7 days with Ilias as our skipper. This trip was AMAZING!!

We worked with Apostolos to book the trip, he was extremely helpful and able to answer all our questions (even considering the time differences, he always responded very quickly). I knew based on how organized he was that I was dealing with a solid company.

When we got to the boat, we were met by Antonis (owner) to go over our paperwork and to discuss what to expect during our week on the boat. He was extremely professional and wanted to make sure we were happy and would enjoy our time sailing.

Our skipper was Ilias – we didn’t have a concern all week thanks to this guy! He was very professional regarding sailing (he could back the boat into the dock between 2 boats seamlessly, I don’t know that I could park a car that well!) Spending a week on a boat with someone we just met was not a problem at all – Ilias was friendly, always making us laugh and sharing some amazing stories about his life and about sailing. He took us to great restaurants, told us interesting things to see on each island, and was always willing to go along with whatever we wanted to do. 

The trip itself was spectacular! Having never been to Greece before, I wasn’t sure what to expect – the Small Cyclades far exceeded my expectations. The water was beautiful, we stopped at various coves throughout the week to swim while we were sailing between islands, very remote and pristine, even more impressive than pictures I’ve seen. The islands we visited were really interesting to see – a few were very small with just a few restaurants, others were bigger with a lot of activity, but all of them were very authentic and interesting (I had originally wanted to go to Mykonos or Santorini but having seen the islands we went to, I know I would have been disappointed with how busy and touristy these 2 islands were). The food was amazing, the people were friendly and the landscape was spectacular. 

I can’t say enough good things about our experience with Greek Water Yachts – if you’re considering a sailing trip, this is the company to use. Right from the beginning of planning this trip, they were extremely helpful, when we arrived they made sure to greet us and make sure we understood that our only responsibility was to enjoy ourselves, and for the next 7 days that’s exactly what we did.

When my husband first suggested we add a 4-day sailing trip of the lower Cyclades to our 30th wedding anniversary trip to Greece, I was a little apprehensive. But he persevered and I’m so glad he did! Apostolos was great to work within our planning and answering all of my extensive questions prior to our trip, and even sending me pictures of the boat interior! Our skipper was Dionysis and he made our trip so memorable. Our boat was Rafaella – plenty of room. Since it was just the two of us, we were able to use the 2nd bedroom for our luggage. The first and last days were our longest sails. I started to get sea sick the first day and Dionysis had me stand up and look straight ahead. It worked! I learned what I needed to do and wasn’t sick during any other sails. He would suggest great restaurants on the islands we stayed at each night. We chose to have Dionysis eat with us each evening: we enjoyed his company and he was great at suggesting meals for us to try. All of the restaurants served delicious food, but I must say, on the island of Iraklia we ate at a very small outdoor restaurant named Akathi – amazing! I had Pastitsio – the most wonderful flavors! Cats were our friends this evening, as in a lot of Greece! Koufonisia was the most beautiful island we visited during our sail. We took a hike around part of the island and saw beautiful coves and topped off by a breathtaking beach and bay! There was a nice shopping area on Koufonisia as well. On our last full day, Dionysis took us to an inlet off of Naxos where we snorkeled (not a lot of fish to see in the Aegean :( and swam into a water cave). It was May so the water was chilly, but we got used to the temperature quickly. The best part was that Dionysis took video of us snorkeling and lots of pictures. In May it could be chilly while sailing, so make sure to bring jackets. A memorable trip that we will remember forever!!
sailing koufonisia with Greek Water Yachts from Paros
We had the best family holiday ever with Dionysis as our skipper for the week sailing around the Cyclades. We shall never forget the fun and laughs we had with Dionysis as he let our kids sail the boat whilst we sang along to his playlist and trying to spot dolphins! The communication I had before the trip was super efficient and friendly and I felt confident about the choice we had made. I can’t rate this small company highly enough as the experience you will have is all about the skipper and as Greek water yachts only employ a few skippers you can be sure of a successful trip. We would love to do this trip again and please don’t hesitate to book with them!
July 12, 2018

My boyfriend and I enjoyed a six-night trip sailing Paros-Schoinoussa-Koufonisia-Amorgos-Irakleia-Naxos-Paros. Our skipper, Kostas was very knowledgeable and helpful and we enjoyed several memorable dinners on the islands with him and appreciated his recommendations of fine restaurants. The waters were relatively calm and the sailing was easy and relaxing. We really enjoyed all of the islands for various reasons and they all had something to offer including amazing views, great beaches and the experience of the Greek Islands that we were looking for. If you are interested in a sailing trip, Greek Water Yachts was very easy to work with, reasonably priced, with a clean and modern boat and experienced skipper. A trip to remember!


greek island sailing review catamaranMy sisters, nieces and I had the most incredible time in the Western Cyclades of Greece sailing with Captain Nikos Biblis from! The sailing was spectacular, the waters of the Aegean Sea are gorgeous, the islands were breathtaking, and the people were amazing!


sailing greek islands reviewsJust returned from an amazing honeymoon hosted by Greek Water Yachts! Such an amazing part of the world and the team at GWY took great care of us. From booking to onboarding and the sail itself with our skipper Dionysis was all a very pleasant experience. It’s a great opportunity to get away from the tourist areas and truly see the small Cyclades. They are very accommodating and adapt to your specific needs. Highly recommend!


tripadvisor honeymoon
We sailed with Greek Water Yachts for our Honeymoon and loved every second of it. It was a unique way to experience the Greek islands that will make you laugh at those who only understand the Greek Islands as Santorini and Mykonos. The islands we went to were local, intimate, and each had its own character. Words can’t describe how great the food was throughout our trip. Each restaurant sourced their food from local lands/waters and thus each unique flavors and specialities. If you are a foodie you will not be disappointed. The boat itself is very safe, modern and comfortable. There is a rustic element to living on a boat for 6 nights but nothing beyond what should be expected. We were able to stay well rested, fed, and showered using facilities. We were just 2 people so your experience might be different if you plan to sail with a group of 4 or 5. It stays warm at night so if you typically sleep with the AC on full blast then I recommend you condition yourself to warmer sleeping prior to this trip. Our Captain, Kostas, was excellent. He is a very experienced sailor who can easily operate the whole boat by himself in any condition. He was glad to teach me aspects of sailing to let me feel like I was contributing, but then could take back over when I just felt like relaxing. His recommendations on things to do/places to eat in each port were spot on. Our schedule was Paros – Schinoussa – Koufonisia – Amorgos – Iraklia – Kalantos (Naxos) – Naxos. This was completely dictated by the winds so don’t go into this trip with a set itinerary in mind. We just knew we wanted to experience the Minor Cyclades and let Kostas take it from there. One concern we had going into this trip was the dynamic of being on a Honeymoon while being in close quarters with an additional person (Kostas). This turned out not to be an issue at all. Kostas did an artful job of disappearing at all the right times. When in port he would stay off the boat allowing us to enjoy a late night glass of wine and when anchored during the day he would retreat to his cabin while we enjoy a private swim. My one recommendation – don’t bother with the provisions list. It is nice of them to offer the service but the grocery store is literally next to the Marina in Paros. I think it would be easier to shop in person after chatting with your captain and seeing what supplies are left from previous guests.


June 2017, through Tripadvisor

sailing trip greeceOur 4-day sailing cruise aboard the Rafaela with owner/skipper, Antonis, was a tremendous pleasure. Antonis is extremely knowledgeable, patient, kind, and attentive. Sailing with him provides an opportunity to experience the real Greece, beyond the more touristed port towns. We felt we were in good hands at all times. The yacht was in excellent condition and very comfortable. Trusting his recommendation to tour the minor Cyclades, we were not disappointed. We saw regular Greeks who were kind, enthusiastic, and appreciative of tourism for their livelihood. Antonis’ assistant, Apostolos, is extremely capable and helpful. This was a very positive travel experience. Those wishing to cover broader territory within the Cyclades should explore this with Apostolos prior to booking to see if the 4-day cruise is appropriate or if the 7-day cruise would be better to reach further destinations such as Santorini. The islands look close on a map but are in fact spread out.


26 June 2014 – 3rd July 2014

Thank you, George, for this wonderful cruise. We have forgotten all our concerns. It seems we are with you a month ago just for pleasure and relax and enjoy.

If you and your family wish one day come in France, don’ forget us: we have a big home which can welcome you. This travel will stay an unforgettable travel for us.



July/August 2017

Nikos promises an unforgettable Greek island catamaran cruise, and he delivered etching the Aegean sea and the Western Cyclades into our hearts forever!
We were four sisters and two nieces, six women, on a vacation of celebration. Within our first sail Nikos made us feel welcomed and safe as he navigated the Aegean waters with expertise.
He quickly picked up on our love of water, and sought out the most spectacular beaches and coves each day. Kleftico in Milos took first prize with the breathing caves! Nikos gave us an up close view loading us all in the dingy and portaging us through these marvels of nature. Later, a few of us couldn’t stay away, so we swam through lingering in the beauty.
We were captivated with Emelia, the 8 person catamaran’s ability to awaken our every sense. We weren’t just seeing from afar, we were feeling the spray of the sea, moving with the roll of the waves, smelling the crisp, clean air of the sea, and listening to the uninterrupted chatter of loved ones. It was so personal, so intimate for our family, and Nikos quickly became part of our inner circle.
We anchored each night and explored the treasures of each island; Paros, Sifnos, Kimolos, Milos, Antiparos, and back to Paros. The Greek people are gracious and welcoming! From the quaint historical port villiages to the modern construction of the newer ones, you are sure to find a souvenir worthy of your trip. Last but not least the food was deliciously fresh and the wine was heavenly!
None of us were ready for the seven day sail to end! Riding the ferry to Athens I remember thinking, “Never again will I be this far away from the water!” Thank you, Nikos, my inner sailor was born!
If you are looking for the trip of a lifetime into God’s paradise on earth, look no further than Captain Nikos Biblis on the catamaran Emelia.
Maryann Miller


greek islands yacht cruises reviewWe spent allot of time researching boat charter companies in the Greek Islands. Wanting a small locally owned operation with a Greek skipper who spoke English. We found GWY on the internet – impressed by the reviews and then our own experience with them. Apostolos answered all of our questions quickly and fully. And things were just like they were described by him and on the website. We cruised in the Minor Cyclades for one week with 2 couples and skipper Kostas. Two of us had lots of sailing experience and two of us had little sailing experience. We were all thrilled with our week adventure – on the boat, sailing (daily), living together (the boat was very comfortable for 5) and on land! We sailed every day in various wind conditions from calm to quite windy and felt very confident of Kostas’ ability to handle the boat in all conditions. At one point had dolphins jumping out of the water alongside the boat! We also enjoyed walking in the towns and hills where we moored at night. One day had fun renting a car to explore a larger island. Fun to see the waters from the hill above the town. We appreciated Kostas suggestions of tavernas and other activities on the islands – all were positive experiences and fun to share some of them with him. What more can I say?…. I would love to do another cruise with GWY again!


review greek sailsCette semaine entre amis, avec Antonis à la barre, fût riche en émotions et intense en découvertes. En effet, Antonis nous a emmené là où les touristes ne vont pas d’ordinaire.. nous avons pu admirer la voie lactée tout en nageant dans le plancton phosphorescent, après avoir souhaité “kali nitha” aux chèvres sur le rivage. La nature sauvage grecque comme rarement vous ne pourrez la découvrir. Seulement avec Greek Water Yachts ! À recommander absolument pour les personnes qui aiment se sentir privilégiés ! À bientôt ! 🐐🐬🔥✨

An excellent week. My only complaint was that our son (recently turned 13) grabbed hold of the “only rule.” The only rule was something about no clocks and get up when you want. Our 13 year old slept or listened to music 80% of the week. In contrast the rest of us (parents and a 12 year old), swam, swam, watched, talked, ate, swam, talked, read, talked, had a little wine — -not the 12 year old– slept, watched, ate, enjoyed… My only suggestion is buy little food for the trip. Who wants to cook when there are bakeries and excellent taverns? A few eggs, some fruit, crackers, and a couple bottles of wine is good. You can buy food at every stop and of course there are left overs that can be taken back to the boat.
June E
5 of 5 starsOur sail through the Cyclades with Greek Water Yachts was perfection from beginning to end and I cannot recommend them highly enough. A few reasons why: – throughout the planning process, Apostolos promptly answered all of my emails and my many questions so I felt at ease navigating a new adventure. – our captain, Antonios, put us at ease from the first moment we stepped on the boat and became a good friend and expert guide for our week-long sail. – the boat was in wonderful condition and exactly as expected. – we charted our itinerary with the captain, ensuring we felt in control at all times. He expertly explained the pros and cons of suggested routes and then left the decision to us. – Antonios knows all the special, local places to go and instinctively knew what we’d like, how much privacy we needed, and how to ensure our trip fit our needs. I can’t say enough good things about the Greek Water Yachts experience.

greek yacht rental reviewIn September 2014, we did sail one week through the small Cyclades (Paros, Naxos, Koufonissi, Schinoussa, Amorgos, Iraklia, Antiparos) with skipper & owner Antonis. The 40 feets boat was very clean and in excellent condition. Antonis made a dream of our sailing. We had such good experience, that we did book again this year in September 2015 however for the western Cyclades (Paros, Sifnos, Kimolos, Milos, Polyaigos, Despotiko ). Antonius did advice Yota as a skipper. We had a great time sailing, swimming in crystal clear water and sightseeing gorgeous island. I was on board with my wife, 2 daughters and Yota made of this sailing a great time.

Michel J