The terms listed below have, in the following general terms of the agreement, the meaning set out in this section.
Charterer: You
Owner: the yacht owner or his legal representative
Greek Water Yachts: the web site, GWY, we or us

Greek Water Yachts was entrusted by yacht owners with facilitating yacht charters for recreational purposes. It is under these conditions that GWY on its website presents different yachts for charter. Greek Water Yachts thus acts as an intermediary, the charter agreement being concluded directly between the Owner and the Charterer. These general conditions govern the relationship between the Charterer, the Owner and us.
Each of the yachts advertised on complies fully with Greek regulations and is suitably equipped. Bedding & towels, dishes, cooking equipment, and cooking fuel are provided.
Payment, cancellation policies and related expenses for the Beneteau Oceanis 40

The prices of our services are in Euros. All taxes (VAT and other taxes applicable on upon booking) are included unless otherwise stated

In order to secure the Beneteau 40 the 50% of the boat fee should be done by the moment you will book the charter and the balance of 50% 45days prior to your cruise.

If you cancel your charter, our cancellation policy is described below.

If you cannot travel due to covid (tourists are not allowed to travel unconditionally) 3% of the yacht fee + 18€ for bank fees will be retained.
Of course, you can reschedule for next year without a fee. Any price difference will be covered from the client.

If you cancel NOT due to covid, our general cancellation policy is described below.

Up to 60 days before your departure 3% of the yacht fee in € + 18€ for bank fees will be retained.
60 – 45 days before your departure 30% of the yacht fee in € will be retained
45 – 30 days before your departure 50% of the yacht fee in € will be retained
30 days before your departure 100% of the yacht fee is retained.

If you want to cancel after a reschedule we will not refund you.

On the other hand, if we are not able to have the yacht ready for you on time, due to some unforeseen factors, for example, total loss of the boat, or sudden skipper illness we are obliged to contact you to explain the situation and make an agreement, either to return the whole amount of the fee to you or to find another similar yacht to do the charter. Refunds for not sailing due equal or stronger to 7bfts wind(you will have to stay on the boat on a safe port) or if you don’t show up on the check in day are not applicable.

If not clearly stated as included in the charter fees, fuel costs, water, port taxes, drinks, food (including the crews�) and gratuities must be paid to the crew in cash during your cruise.

Payment, cancellation policies and related expenses for the Beneteau 50 and Lagoon42 BLUE

The prices of our services are in Euros. All taxes (VAT and other taxes applicable on upon booking) are included unless otherwise stated

For reservations made more than 30 days prior to boarding date, a 50% deposit is required upon booking, the balance is due 30 days prior to boarding. For reservations booked less than 30 days prior to boarding, the full amount is to be paid at the time of booking. Payments can be made, depending on the boat, either by bank wire transfer and/or bank card via the website. If the Charterer cancels up to 45 days prior to boarding, half the deposit will be refunded. No refund may take place within 45 days prior to boarding. The fees paid by the Charterer cover the yacht�s charter, crew wages, bedding, towels, cooking gas and any other service(s) indicated in our quotations, invoices, and contracts. 
If not clearly stated as included in the charter fees, fuel costs, water, port taxes, drinks, food (including the crews�) and gratuities must be paid to the crew in cash during your cruise.
Onboard yachts with half board or full board service, a list of food preferences are sent to the Charterer so that the boat can be provisioned in advance and delays avoided. If the Charterer wishes the crew to provision the yacht in advance, the Charterer must make an advance payment allowance (APA) by bank transfer in order to cover initial food expenses. The allowance amount will be indicated when booking. Unused funds will be reimbursed by the crew at disembarkation. In case the Charterer wishes to go shopping, the cook will accompany. Because of the distance to shops, this provision is not applicable at all boarding locations, particularly in Mykonos.

Use of boat – Responsibilities
The Charterer must be a legal adult. The Charterer pledges to use the yacht in good faith, respecting the ship, its equipment, the rules submitted by the skipper as well as complying with local laws and regulations. The skipper carries full responsibility at all times. The Charterer agrees to embark only the number of persons allowed by the ship�s manifest and has been agreed upon booking. Contravening this shall terminate the charter without compensation. Pets are not allowed on board chartered yachts.
All our boats are regularly verified by certified inspectors and carry high-quality gear which is regularly checked and maintained. Apart from safety equipment and/or main engines, no temporary or permanent failure of any other equipment may warrant a refund. If your chartered sailboat cannot leave port for any of the two reasons named above, our responsibility is engaged to refund only the amount paid for the days of lost rental. Should two-thirds of the charter time be affected, we shall refund the full amount paid. We carry no liability whatsoever for any consequential inconveniences, damages or loss related to a canceled charter.
Once the boat is provided in accordance with the contract, the charter fee will be forfeited, even if you do not use the yacht during the rental period, whatever the reason for the vacancy.
In case of unavailability of the agreed yacht, the Owner must provide the Charterer a boat of similar size or larger, based in the same area, or refund amount paid in full. The Owner may also, subject to the Charterer’s agreement, offer a cheaper yacht and refund him the difference.
During your cruise, we are at your disposal to answer your complaints, resolve any noted misunderstandings and enable you to enjoy your stay. The charterer ought to notify by email or phone before the end of the charter. We draw your attention to the fact that the longer you wait before notifying us about your claim, the more difficult it shall be to adjust your request to your best interests. Any claims made after the end of your charter will not give rise to any financial compensation.
The Owner carries insurance as required by Greek maritime law. This includes third party insurance, personal injury insurance for participants up to 300.000 Euro (per by accident and irrespective of the number of persons on board), and pollution insurance. It does not cover theft nor accidents ashore. We can not be held liable for accidents occurring on board unless they are directly and undoubtedly attributable to a voluntary act on our part. We, therefore, recommend that you should have your own personal travel insurance in case an insurable event occurs on shore or on board. We recommend your insurance covers most of the travel risks, possible repatriation, and cases of force majeure.
With crewed charters, the final decision about the route taken (and/or any changes while en-route) rests only with the captain on departure day, depending on weather forecasts. For safety reasons, no night sailing is allowed, barred exceptional circumstances, per skipper�s decision.
Personal data protection
We reserve the right to collect personal information and personal data. They are necessary to manage your booking and improve our services and the information we send you. This information and data is also stored for security purposes in order to meet legal and regulatory obligations. GWY will not disclose any of your data to companies engaged in selling addresses. Under the law, you have a right of access, rectification, and opposition to your personal information and data.
Terms relating to e-commerce
The information found on the web site is given in good faith in order to keep you informed and does not represent in any case any obligation other than those mentioned in these terms, and the quotes, invoices and charter agreements related to our services. Logo, layout, text, images from website remain the exclusive intellectual property of GWY and may not be reproduced, even partially, exploited, redistributed or used for any purpose whether they are software, visual or sound, without the express permission of the said company. Any single link or hyperlink is strictly prohibited without express written consent from us.
Applicable law, contracts, and jurisdiction
Yachts advertised on are under the Greek flag: Hellenic legislation is applicable, as described in these terms, our quotes and invoices, as well as the officially approved charter contracts you will receive upon boarding for signature. Once verified and authorized by the authorities, you shall receive a copy of these contracts. A specimen of these contracts is available in advance upon request. The present terms and conditions and any claim or dispute arising from these terms which are related to the Owner’s or our own services shall be governed by Greek law. Greek courts have exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute or claim.
Financial warranties
Our services cannot be considered an organized tour, with regard to the European Council Directive 90/314 / EEC on package travel. We are therefore not required to provide a financial warranty.