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Why charter a yacht from Paros?

  • Paros is exactly in the middle of the Archipelagos with so many islands lying to the north and to the south making it an ideal starting point for your Greek islands sailing tour.
  • You save money compared getting a boat from Athens (about 400 euros).
  • Great technical support in the island of Paros

Booking - Payment - Cancellation procedure

If you are really interested in chartering one of our yachts or even to get an offer for specific dates, you have to follow the 3 steps procedure below.

Step 1
The first step of course is to contact us. You can send us a request form for the period you wish to sail and within a few hours you will get back an answer with the availability and our offer for the charter fee.
Step 2
Once you get the offer and you are really interested in it, you can “block” the yacht for seven days, so you will have time to think about it and organize your charter with your crew mates. In that case, we say that the boat is under “option” and we can not offer her in other requests. The boat will be under option only if you send us a mail requesting it. The first reply from us with the availability and the price doesn’t constitute an “option”. A second mail from you is necessary to continue further and block the yacht for the next seven days. If we don’t have any reply after a week then your “option” will not be valid any more.
Step 3
As soon as you have made the final decision, you contact us and we proceed to the payment of your booking. The confirmation from your side must include dates, number of persons, exact arranged prices,and other special requirements.We shall then reconfirm the booking immediately to you by giving you a charter code number reference and all necessary payment and charter information. The first payment of 50% should be done by the moment you will book the charter and the balance of 50% one month prior your cruise.The payment could be done either by using the safety environment of our bank web site, charging your credit card, or by wiring money direct to our bank account.
Cancellation Policy
If you cancel your charter, our cancellation policy is described below.

  • Up to 60 days prior to your departure 3% of the yacht fee is going to be retained.
  • 60-10 days prior to your departure 50% of the yacht fee is going to be retained.
  • 10 days prior to your departure 100% of the yacht fee is retained.

On the other hand if we are not able to have the yacht ready for you on time, due to some unforeseen factors, for example total loss of the boat, we are obliged to contact you explaining the situation and make an agreement, either to return the whole amount of the fee to you or to find another similar yacht to do the charter.

How long is the charter period in Paros?

Actually the charter period lasts for 7 months. From 1st of April, up to 30th of October. It’s true that sometimes in April or at the end of October the weather is rather cold and the sea temperature is not appropriate for swimming. But we cannot make forecasts and assumptions, on what the conditions will be like. Just keep in mind that if you choose that period you might be unlucky and lose one or two days without sailing. Of course, for some others it might be a romantic scenery and a good opportunity to enjoy the life on board, in a safe port.

How safe my trip to Greece with Greek Water Yachts might be?

Whenever it comes to decide about a sailing trip the first thing is coming up is the safety. Safety of the yacht and reliability of the company. Our boats exceed the safety equipment required by law and are insured against fire, marine and collision risks, third party liability and again any part of total loss or damage. Very experienced skippers and two identical yachts which are usually following the same itinerary offers a secure feeling to the crews, knowing that every time another boat is in the range ready to assist. Excellent maintenance during the winter time is our priority in order to avoid such unpleasant situations.

Can i use my credit card everywhere in Greek Islands?

Academically yes, but in practice we are absolutely sure that you are going to face many problems. The people at all these small islands are not familiar with new technology and on most of them there is not even a bank. On bigger islands things are much better and credit cards are acceptable. For sure be prepared by having some cash on you and always ask about credit card acceptance before sitting at a restaurant.

How about weather conditions in Cyclades?

Check the charts below and get details about air temperature, sea temperature and rainy days

How can i get to Paros?

Paros is connected with the mainland with many ferries everyday. Also fast ferries operate in the area.

The timetables in the last years are very accurate. When we talk about the mainland of Greece we mostly refer to the port of Piraeus, very close to Athens. Also Rafina at the east coast of Athens has a port from where you can reach our island. Rafina is closer to Athens’ airport.

A normal ferry from Piraeus needs about 4,5-5 hours for Paros, but a fast catamaran can make it in less than 3 hours. Most of the ferries dock just outside of the metro station at Piraeus port. To get to the port from the airport you have three choices.

  • The easiest and the fastest is the metro. The ticket costs 8 euros and you need about an hour.
  • You can also get on a bus, paying 8 euros, but your journey will be longer, about one and a half hours.
  • Finally a taxi will cost you around 50 euros.

To go to Rafina port we recommend a taxi or a local bus. It takes about 20 minutes. Ferry tickets start from 30 euros up to 60, if you choose a fast one. Attention is required during high season, because you have to make a reservation in advance. The rest of the time tickets might be bought just outside the ships.
Paros also has an airport, but only for domestic flights. In summer time it might be challenging to find last minute tickets.Your last choice to reach the island, are the international airports of Mykonos, Santorini and Heraklio (Creta). Charter flights operate every day from most European cities. One of the local ferries would be your next step to take you to the final destination.

How can i get from airport or the port to the marina where my yacht is?

The marina of Paros is located at Parikia bay, exactly at the same place where the big ferries dock.

As soon as you disembark on the island, turn left following the seaside street. After 200 meters you will be at the marina.

The masts of the yachts are visible even from the ferry. So it’s only a 5 minute walk.

At that point, on your right hand is the Marina Cafe and on your left hand the yacht is waiting for her new guests. One of us will be waiting for you.

The airport of Paros is about 8km from the port. For those who are going to visit the island by plane, a taxi is the only way to come to Parikia. The price is about 20 euros and is not longer than 15 minutes away.

What do i have to do on my arrival and what is my check in procedure?

Actually all of our charters start around 12:00. The meeting point is straight to your boat. Your skipper is going to wait for you there. The first acquaintance with your skipper and a short briefing about the weather and the itinerary is going to follow and soon after you will all head for the yacht. Find your way around the boat while we will prepare the paper work with the authorities and get ready for your first day out at sea at about 13:00. For late arrivals head direct to the yacht where your skipper will be waiting for you.
Check out is at 18:00 (or earlier if you wish) at the same place. No special procedure is needed.

What is the everyday schedule on board?

Usually we have breakfast on board. After that we set sail for our next island.
The sailing time depends on the chosen itinerary and might be from 2 up to 5 hours.
On our way we make a stop at a nice anchorage for swimming. At this place we usually have a light meal of snacks for lunch and then we continue to our final destination where we get early in the afternoon, at about 3-4 pm, in order to have time to explore the island.
Our skippers will give you directions and also they can arrange for a rental in case that you wish to drive around. Dinners are taken ashore because Greek food is a part of Greek lifestyle experience.
Recommendations about restaurants are going to be given, as well as reservations are going to be done by us for the busy days. For those who would like to continue with a drink, night life at the islands is always a challenge.

With what conditions do we sail?

Theoretically our yachts are certified by their designers to sail in all the weather conditions, but because we have customized our activities in cruising, the insurance companies as well as the authorities have adjusted their terms in this direction.
So we cannot sail when the wind is equal or stronger to 7bfts, except that your captain believes that it would be safe to go downwind up to your next destination or if you are in a protected area, without big waves.
For example south of Naxos is lying the Archipel of small Cyclades islands, where when the strong meltemi is blowing the huge island of Naxos to the north doesn’t allow big waves to build up.
Finally night sailing is not allowed except if it’s a matter of safety.

What should i bring with me during my Greek boat trip with skipper?

Apart from the provisions, all of our yachts are fully equipped for charters. So focus only on your personal belongings. Sun protection stuff is mandatory. Keep in mind that the Greek sun is very strong. Beach towels might be useful and are always forgotten. You can check what to pack for a skiipered yacht holidays in Greece reading the article what to pack for a skippered yachting holidays in Greece

Are there hidden costs? How much money will need during our sailing vacations in Greece?

Regarding the charter fee, we are absolutely clear. No hidden fees at all.
Included: the yacht with all her equipment, skipper’s fee, linen, gas bottle, taxes, first and last days marina’s fee on Paros.
Not included :the diesel(depends on the consumption), the fresh water and the marina’s fees at the islands that you are going to visit and the end cleaning. From our experience for one week charter this amount is about 225 euros in total.
Now if you would like to calculate how much money you are going to spend during a week, we can assume that it is not more than 220 euros per person, if you have breakfast and lunch on board. This is coming out from our experience in the Greek islands, but of course it might vary and it totally depends on you

Why do our sailboat charters from Paros lasts 7 days &6 nights?

Because you get more sailing time and less loitering!
To be specific, most charter companies check their guests in at 17:00 on Saturdays constraining you to stay till next day. Likewise the same companies will check you out on Fridays afternoon and allow you to spend the last night on board till your disembarkation on Saturday morning at 09:00. In all you will get 6 sailing days and 5 islands to visit.On the other hand with us , you embark Fridays at noon and sail as soon as possible. No evening spent waiting. You disembark Thursdays at 18:00 and still make the last ferries back to Athens. Again no loitering.
In total you enjoy 7 sailing days and visiting 6 islands. Thus you also benefit from a hectic free harbor by avoiding weekends.In the meantime we have the whole evening (and even a night) to sort out maintenance and carry out eventual repairs in order to warrant our guests a hassle free vacation

Why do i have to hire a professional crew on board?

Our professional skippers might solve a lot of your problems on board and make your life much easier. The reasons to join a skippered charter are obvious. First of all, if you don’t have sailing experience. The idea of being on a yacht, sailing around all these beautiful islands, swimming in the crystal blue waters of the Aegean and exploring uninhabited paradises alone, is unique. Actually you have a floating house which can take you to a different setting every day. A floating house, which can offer you all the facilities of a hotel room and much more. Also it is a good chance to be very close to nature, to enjoy romantic sunsets and become interested in new hobbies, like sailing.

Even if you are familiar with the yachts and you are a good sailor yourself, a captain might be useful to you. The Aegean is a very difficult sea, especially when strong meltemi is blowing. At most of the islands there are not organized marinas and mooring a yacht might be very risky, even for experienced sailors. Also a professional crew member knows the area much better than you, can predict the weather from his experience and takes you to the best shelter for a safe and comfortable stay. On the other hand, if you hire a skipper you will get rid of all the worries about the safety of the boat, especially when you plan to go ashore. It’s very annoying to be at a beautiful island and not to be able to leave the yacht, due to insecure mooring, inexperienced neighbors and so on. Our skippers can also guide you to the places you are going to visit and organize some of your activities ashore.

Optionally, a hostess can transform a simple stay on board into a luxury ministration. She can take care of the yacht’s cleanliness, prepare the meals and give a second deck hand to the skipper, if needed. It’s very important that both of your crew mates try to be as discreet as possible, in order to make your stay on board more pleasant.

Skipper duties

At this point it is very important to mention which are the duties of a skipper on board. First of all he is responsible for the safety of you and the boat 24 hours a day, for as many days as the charter lasts. Your captain is the guy who is going to navigate and sail the yacht from one island to the other. He is the one who will man oeuvre at the ports and the one who will take you ashore with the dinghy, if you are at an anchorage. He is also the technician who will fix the problems that might arise, if it is possible and finally your guide for life ashore with his recommendations. The working hours for a skipper are maximum eight, out at sea, but after that he is in charge of the boat’s safety, something that might keep him awake for the whole night, if the circumstances require it. Conclusively he is the hospitable host who will answer all of your questions and even teach you some basics of sailing, if you are interested

Where do we live on board?

From our experience we have come to the conclusion that the more comfortable cabins for our guests for the Oceanis 40 are the two aft ones. They both have spacious beds comparing with the one in the front cabin, locker, storage space, portholes and hatches. Our guests share the aft toilet which is spacious in order to be completely independent from the skipper. The starboard (right side) cabin has also direct access to the head without having to pass from the saloon at all.

How about cleaning onboard?

As soon as you will reach the yachts for the first time you will notice that we emphasize in cleaning. A basket is located at the cockpit and you will be kindly asked by your skipper to leave your shoes there. Please respect the boat and try to keep it in good condition during the whole charter. It is good for all of us. Although it’s not included in skipper’s duties, he is going to help in order to have a clean and respectable yacht by cleaning with fresh water the decks, wherever is possible and also by keeping an eye in the inside condition whenever is needed. Your help would be appreciated as a sign of recognition for a pleasant stay. Don’t forget that the yachts are a special place which need extra care, perhaps different from what you know by now. Don’t hesitate to ask your captain for every question even if you believe that is so simple. Make sure that on your return from the beach you clean your feet from the sand at the cockpit shower. Sand in the shower means failure of the electrical pumps.

Important notices regarding your skipper

It’s very important that you buy some food for your skipper. In case you buy provisions for cooking onboard, keep in mind that one more person is in your company. Otherwise a refund of 15 euros per day, per crew member, is a reasonable amount. You are also free to invite your captain ashore for dinner. However, he might decline your invitation simply because he needs rest. For him a season consists of successive, intense weeks. Tips are not mandatory. They are just a sign of recognition for a good job

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