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Sailing trips in the Greek islands during COVID pandemic

COVID -19 is responsible for restrictions that have been imposed by governments all over the world. Still, sailing vacation in Greece is the best choice for summer 2020, the after pandemic summer, because : Greek islands are a safe area, an area where COVID -19 had almost zero cases. A sailing trip is a private cruise. That means you are not obliged to follow the protection rules about coronavirus (not to use a mask, to keep distances e.t.c.)

Sailing trips for couples

Many couples when they are planning their summer vacation they feel that they repeat a process and eventually, they will experience the previous vacation in a different destination. As a result, they don’t anticipate for the next trip. Surprises are out of the plan on a conventional holiday even if you are going to travel in the most exciting place. An excellent alternative for couples that combines beautiful islands and a new perspective in traveling is a sailing trip in the Greek islands.

Yacht charter with skipper Greece

A skippered yacht charter in Greece are for those who want sailing vacations without the need of know about sailing

Greek yacht cruise as an alternative to hotel vacations

What comes in your mind when you are thinking about a private Greece yacht cruise? That cruising is costly? That somebody needs exceptional aptitudes or learning? That you require a certification?

What to pack for your skippered sailing vacation

What shipmates take with them once they go skippered sailing holidays in Greece varies by the type of sailing they’re doing, where they’re sailing, their expertise and private preferences, however here we attempt to provide those unsure what to bring, some tips on helpful things to have with you during a sailing vacation in the Greek islands.

Family Sailing With Babies

In case you have a passion for sailing family vacations but this time have a newly born baby to think about; all is not lost! You just need just a little mindful preparation and also groundwork

Health Benefits of Sailing Vacations

Sailing is, for some, an overwhelming urge to discover the faraway and nearby shores including pretty much all the bounties they offer. In spite of this, along with satiating your own wanderlust, sailing also provides a lot of benefits for your very own welfare.

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